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FunPlus Phoenix Starts Masters 1 with Victory Against Guild Esports

Group B of VCT 2021 Europe: Masters 1 has begun with the victory of FunPlus Phoenix over Guild Esports. Even though the tournament favorite struggled in the first map of the series, it succeeded in recovering the next two maps.

FPX over Guild EU Masters 1
Courtesy of FunPlus Phoenix


One of the tournament’s favorites, FunPlus Phoenix, made its debut in its home, Split, as the pick of Guild Esports. We know both teams love playing strategically instead of focusing on individuals, but still the match was the slowest game I’ve ever seen. Doing its homework well, Guild managed to answer all of FPX’s executed plays with passionate defense. With great individual performances, Guild Esports took the victory on Split 13-10.


After such a close competition on Split, nobody expected a dramatic difference on Ascent; however, FunPlux Phoenix activated its final form, showing Guild who the real boss of the scene is. With ANGE1’s leadership, FPX abused all the weaknesses of its opponent. The players continued to display their slow, full control game style and dominated the whole map, which led to a pleasant 13-4 victory.


FunPlus Phoenix was arguably the best team in Europe before the tournament, and it proved that once more with the effort put in on the last two maps. Slowly but correctly, FPX left Guild completely desperate by rotating around the map and using the abilities perfectly. At the end, FPX took the map with a nearly flawless 13-2 result.

While FunPlus Phoenix advanced to the next Winners’ side match, which will be played on March 18, Guild Esports will try to recover in Losers’ on March 14.

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