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FunPlus Phoenix Signs Bo As Starting Jungler

World Champion FunPlus Phoenix found its new jungler right before Tian’s announcement. Tian’s decision was probably something the team expected, and it didn’t waste any time filling his gap. From now on, FPX will compete on the Rift with Bo. The rookie jungler will try to impress all of us under the FunPlus Phoenix uniform.

FPX Bo 1
Photo courtesy of FunPlus Phoenix  

Bo is new in the professional League of Legends scene. His professional career began with eStar Young in 2019. He played in the lower division of LPL. Bo had pretty good individual performances and his mechanics are certainly good enough for the LPL.

Tian’s announcement was not really expected for the community due to lack of information about his health. We still don’t know if he will come back or not. Even if he decides to come back at one point, it might be late depending on Bo’s performance. The young talent has a lot to prove with Nuguri and Doing around him. On the other hand, it will be hard to fill Tian’s gap. Tian used to be considered as the best jungler in 2019.

The community knew that Bo was playing a lot of solo queues with Doinb and Crisp prior to the 2021 season, as well as scrimmages with the team. Solo queue and stage obviously differ from each other, so we need to wait and see how he performs against LPL junglers.

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