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FunPlus Phoenix Secures Third Seed In Regular Season By Defeating TT

FPX secured itself a spot in the playoffs before coming into the match, but TT had only two wins before this game and had no claim for playoffs. FunPlus Phoenix needed the win for a better seed in the playoffs and got what it wanted despite dropping the first game.

FPX over TT Week 8 1
Courtesy of FunPlus Phoenix

Game 1 

Xiaopeng made an early visit to the bottom lane and secured the first blood. Nuguri died two times, but he was still ahead in cs which eventually closed the gold gap between him and Chelizi. TT used its team composition perfectly. It used Wukong, Lillia, Sett, Tristana and Alistar, which is a great composition for team fights. FunPlus Phoenix couldn’t play around Twisted Fate and forced desperate team fights but played right into TT hands as TT secured all the dragons and closed out the game in 25 minutes. 

Game 2 

TT answered FPX’s Kassadin pick by sending Wukong mid and Azir to the top lane. TT’s late-game nightmare started with Doinb’s double kill in the middle-phase. I think we all agree on this one, you wouldn’t want to see a Kassadin with three kills in 11 minutes. Doinb scaled quickly, and TT’s Wukong mid move wasn’t efficient. Even though FPX made big mistakes as a team, Doinb was the last man standing after every fight. FunPlus Phoenix tied the series in 30 minutes with Doinb’s monstrous 13/0/9 Kassadin performance.

Game 3 

This time, Doinb picked the favorite mid champion from the past couple of weeks, Nocturne. He played Nocturne against a Lulu mid. This matchup was pretty quirky in terms of team compositions. FunPlus Phoenix made a four-man rotation to mid and secured the first blood. TT managed to pick up some kills, but FunPlus Phoenix controlled the map with Beichuan and Crisp. The gold lead was not that big and that is because TT won a couple of team fights. FPX pulled the trigger in the drake fight and aced TT to close out the game in 25 minutes.

FunPlus Phoenix could get the second seed in the upcoming weeks looking at the performances of EDward Gaming. Today, Doinb played like a real monster, especially in the second game. FPX needs this type of carry performance from him.

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