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FunPlus Phoenix Promotes Beichuan to Main Roster

FunPlus Phoenix is having a controversial season, especially in the jungler position. The team started the season with Tian, but after his health issues, Tian had to take a break from competitive play, and FPX signed Bo from eStar Young. A Couple of days ago, Bo got benched due to his confession about match-fixing in LDL. Now, FPX promoted academy jungler Beichuan to the main roster for the upcoming weeks.

FPX Beichuan 1
Photo courtesy of FunPlus Phoenix

Beichuan was a rookie before signing with FunPlus Blaze, FPX’s academy team. The young jungler played nine games in the LDL, and now, as a rookie in the LPL, he is going to perform against the best players in the world. He proved his worth with champions like Lillia, Hecarim and Pantheon. From looking at his best champion, it is possible saying that he loves carrying games. Real question is, can he do it in the LPL?

After Bo’s situation, FPX played against Team WE with Tian, but they couldn’t prevent a 2-0 loss. Tian had to step up for his team despite his health issues, but it wasn’t enough for a win. If Beichuan can’t adapt to his teammates, FPX may get horrible results in the upcoming weeks. It is so unlucky to see them in this situation considering Lwx’s rising performance as well as Nuguri’s addition.

FunPlus Blaze is sitting at seven wins and three losses in LDL. On the other hand, FunPlus Phoenix grabbed seven wins and dropped two in the LPL. With Beichuan’s inclusion, we are eager to see the team’s next performance.

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