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FunPlus Phoenix Parts Ways With Prince

FunPlus Phoenix had a great offseason. The staff put in more effort than ever and signed Nuguri. Apart from Nuguri, FPX signed another Korean player in Prince. FunPlus Phoenix decided to part ways with Prince before he was able to get an appearance in the FPX uniform.

FPX Prince 1
Photo courtesy of FunPlus Phoenix

This new ADC was expected to sub in for Lwx if he underperformed at some point, but Lwx is having a great season; He won seven MVP awards, preventing Prince from getting playing time. You can find more information about Lwx’s 2021 performance here

Prince is the ADC’s third nickname. He started playing professionally as Moyoh, and then changed his nickname to Aries. He played for bbq Olivers in LCK, but bbq got eliminated from LCK that season. In 2019, DAMWON Gaming acquired him and he showed his potential with names like Nuguri, Flame, Canyon, Showmaker and BeryL around. Prince’s last appearance was under the Awesome Spear uniform where he played in the Korea Challenger Series (CK). Prince and cepted carried their team to lift the CK trophy. 

Lwx was known as the weakest part of the FPX roster until this year. Prince was acquired just in case Lwx underperforms, but he actually turned into a real beast this season. This scenario is pretty good for FunPlus Phoenix but also sad for the Korean marksman.

According to the latest announcement, Prince traveled back to his home country and joined Liiv Sandbox.

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