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FunPlus Phoenix Eliminates JD Gaming, Advances to Round 4

FunPlus Phoenix is back in business after Tian’s pretentious comeback. Nuguri and his friends faced Rare Atom in the second round, advancing with an easy 3-1 win. The team has won both rounds by a score of 3-1, but this time the opponent is a raid boss. 

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Courtesy of the LPL

Game 1 

Kanavi ganked his bottom lane and punished Crisp’s aggressive Thresh play with first blood. JD Gaming invested all its resources to the bottom side and tried to get LokeN’s Jinx ahead of Lwx’s Aphelios. After a close team fight near dragon pit, Nuguri secured three kills. Nuguri is a dangerous top laner when he gets fed, and he showed his skills with a fed Gankplank. 

Almost every fight was even until FPX knocked down Baron. After that point, FunPlus Phoenix increased the gold gap and took control of the map. FPX won the first game in 32 minutes, thanks to Nuguri’s incredible GP performance.

Game 2 

This time Kanavi’s focus was the upper side of the rift. He made the first gank to Nuguri and secured the first blood for his team; however, FPX was the superior side during the early game. Lwx got two kills and two assists in 12 minutes on his Tristana. JD Gaming used Twisted Fate ults to stay in the game, but the gap just got bigger and bigger. 

Lwx was unstoppable in fights, thanks to Nuguri’s Gnar ults which led his team to secure the Baron. FPX didn’t make any macro mistakes and secured the outer turrets one by one. It was a fairly easier game for the side of FunPlus Phoenix. Due to JDG’s weaker team fight draft, FPX easily closed down the game in 24 minutes. JD Gaming had to use Twisted Fate ults more effectively and had to be careful about Lwx’s godlike Tristana.

Game 3 

Tian made the first gank for the first time in the series and dove on Zoom to collect the first blood gold; however, it looked like there was a reason behind Tian’s early-game passiveness as he and Nuguri failed the dive and gave a free double kill to Zoom. After that play, Zoom was so ahead and Nuguri’s Jayce was literally useless. If you fail an early dive with Jayce and gift two kills to your opponent, it makes way for a disastrous game ahead. 

Kanavi out-jungled Tian with his Graves, and while JD Gaming got ahead, it did nothing but increase its lead with clever map movements. FPX did everything it could and surprisingly secured Baron, but Kanavi’s Graves was just unstoppable. JD Gaming closed down the game in 35 minutes and prevented a possible sweep. 

Game 4

Kanavi showed how to make a proper dive and let LokeN get the first blood. It looked like JDG was the stronger side after head-to-head team fights. JD Gaming intensified its lead after little earnings after every fight, but they forgot something: never sleep on Doinb. After killing Lwx in a fight, JDG fans thought the fight was won and game five bells were ringing and that is when Doinb took all the spotlight on himself with a penta kill. Doinb played a textbook Viktor during the fight and got his team ahead. 

JDG players looked tilted after the fight. Even though FPX made some mistakes, it didn’t prevent itself from winning the game in 38 minutes and advancing to the next round in LPL playoff action.

FPX will face RNG in two days, which means the team doesn’t have too much time to practice. FPX analysts have to work hard and analyze RNG’s game plan. EDG is the other raid boss waiting for its opponent to face in the fourth round of playoff action. Top Esports and Suning will fight against each other to compete against EDward Gaming in the upcoming days.

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