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Fracked arriving to PlayStation VR This Summer

All Images Courtesy of PlayStation

In Sony’s series of PlayStation VR game announcements, the energetic adventure game Fracked was revealed for a summer launch. Described as being “made for VR”, Fracked is a title that makes the most out of its virtual reality capabilities through its employment of fast paced run and cover gunplay and a slew of activities ranging from running, to skiing, to even climbing. 

The game finds players taking on the role of a hero thrust into dire straits, facing the threat of gun-wielding beings known as the “Fracked”, who have besieged a fracking facility deep inside a mountain. The fate of the world rests in the hero’s hands, who must take the Fracked down.

Fracked combines both free traversal gameplay with first-person shooter combat mechanics. Fast-paced and purportedly very accessible, players have the ability to run, ski, climb, jump, and even zipline. Bereft of cinematic cutscenes and overall gaming conventions, this title is 1:1 gaming experience for players, in which their controls and actions dictate the path of the game. The combat system also enacts this open style of gameplay, with players having the capability of free movement and actions such as taking cover and reloading whilst battling enemies.

In addition to these gameplay features, Fracked is a title that requires players to physically commit to actions, such as skiing. The combat system is reportedly unique to VR systems, with respect to its coined address as a “run and cover gunplay” title. The game, along with its PlayStation 4 availability, will also receive PlayStation 5 enhancements, such as improved framerates, loading times, and higher resolution.

Fracked is a title made to envision and incorporate a truly active VR experience. The game is set to launch this summer exclusively for PlayStation VR. 

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