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Four Peculiar Details in the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer

The internet went absolutely crazy, bonkers, bananas, insane, and any other wild-related adjective for the legendary news announced by Nintendo last week.

If you haven’t heard, Syft’s breaking news team covered the news regarding Pokemon Legends: Arceus—an open-world, RPG-adventure fans set in Old Sinnoh. 

Along with the announcement, Nintendo released a two-minute trailer of the new installment, and there were a few nuggets of interest that made us think “huh, would you look at that.” 

Let’s take a look.

Old world Pokeballs

Pokemon Legends 1
courtesy of Game Freak

There are Pokemon stories about the origin of the Pokeball – one even dating back 20,000 years. While  Pokemon Legends: Arceus appears to take place somewhere between 400-800 years before modern games, it’s safe to assume the Pokeballs used in the game are truly old-school. These certainly aren’t Kurt’s Apricorn creations. Instead, they are of a wooden design equipped with a manual lock and void of any energy-induced capture. How the game describes the trainer’s process of keeping the Pokemon in the archaic Pokeball will be a point of interest.

So, what’s in the ball?

Pokemon Legends 2
Courtesy of Game Freak

As the trailer begins, the camera moves to a desk with written lore going into detail of what the land looks like. Just before the journal opens, we see a locked Pokeball positioned to its left. While the classic capture tool could simply be empty and waiting to be used, perhaps it could contain an unidentified Pokemon. Maybe the room in which the trailer begins is your character’s room? Or the room of a different unidentified individual? Who says it isn’t the place of a mysterious oracle? Just something to ponder.

Pokemon Legends 3
Courtesy of Game Freak

For every adventure, our protagonist comes across a clandestine group of adversaries waiting in the shadows. And as the journey progresses, we’re tasked with thwarting their heinous plans. 

But much like the gameplay itself, we could see a shakeup in how our character is represented. After taking a closer look at the trailer, viewers can see an insignia on the sleeve of each of the characters. But during the scene where we are introduced to the starters, we can spot in the background a flag with the same marking as the garb the protagonist is wearing. Will we see a team of good guys going head-to-head against an evil organization? Only time will tell.

Pokemon Legends 4
Courtesy of Game Freak

In another break from formula—perhaps they missed my proposal for switching starter types —developers threw a wrench into the mix by not selecting any of the Sinnoh starters. Instead, they opted for a medley of starters from three different generations: Johto’s Cyndaquil, Alola’s Rowlet, and the Unovan Oshawott. But why those Pokemon specifically?

Reddit user u/ZeeGee009 points to Rowlet having links to medeival archers due to its evolution Decidueye’s ‘Arrow Quill Pokémon’ status. Oshawott’s third evolution, Samurott, couldn’t be more obvious with its samurai-esque name and look. In the case of Cyndaquil, its final evolution, Typhlosion’s Japanese name is “Bakufu,” which translates to “Shogun.” In feudal Japan – the time period the game is set in – Shogun was a title given to military generals. 

Whew…that’s a lot of dots to connect.

There are plenty of particulars to digest courtesy of Nintendo. Do what you will with these nuggets of information. What we can say with 100% certainty is times, they are a-changin’.

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