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Fortnite v17.21: Countdown to In-Game Event, New Plasma Cannon

Welcome to yet another week where we go over the details of a brand new Fortnite update. Epic Games has done it again, keeping everything fresh and changing up how the game is played. Let’s go ahead and look at what has entered the realm of Fortnite this week. 

Fortnite 17.21 1
Courtesy of Epic Games

New Plasma Canon

The theme of futuristic weapons continues inside Fortnite’s battle royale as the Plasma Cannon makes an appearance. According to @FortniteBRFeed on Twitter, the Plasma Cannon can “Launch a slow-moving energy ball that zaps nearby objects and destroys any buildings in its path.” It can also be crafted with a Legendary Pistol and an Alien Nanite.

Future Events

We finally have more information on the upcoming in-game event featuring the crazy mothership UFO over the map right now. This update included the game files for this event and from the looks of it, Coral Castle, Corny Complex and Slurpy Swamp might all be exiting stage left soon. 

However, fortunately or unfortunately, it appears that these POIs might only be partially destroyed or changed in the event. 

For now, there will be a countdown clock in the game that will be preparing players for another end-of-the-world type event, which will certainly look like a movie with a billion-dollar budget. The clock is counting down to August 6, 2021, at 6:05 p.m. ET. 

User Interface

As has been hinted in the files of Fortnite v17.20, the UI is going to look different. Fortnite will soon have a social tab, where it appears friends can schedule play sessions, to provide a better multiplayer experience. 

Additionally, the friends list from the lobby menu has received an update. 

Fortnite has made a name for itself partially because of its ability to update and change quickly and creatively. That has not changed with this update as another crazy in-game event is on the way and yet another weapon has been added to the battle royale. Let us know what you think will happen to the map in the event in the comments.

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