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Fortnite v16:50: Dual pistols, cosmetics, consumables

Early on Tuesday, May 25 in the United States, Epic Games released the Fortnite v16.50 update, the last update of the current season. Lets take a look at all the changes and leaks from this morning. 

Fortnite Screen
Courtesy of Epic Games

In-game Item Changes

As the main part of the original tease from @FortniteStatus on Twitter, the Dual Pistols have been unvaulted and will be returning to the game. 

Included in these changes are new consumables:


The group to come out of the update files first was the list of cosmetics, including new skins, pickaxes, back bling, emotes, loadings screens and more.

All New Cosmetics:

Loading Screens:

New Outfits:

Fortnite x Bella Poarch:

Map Changes?

To the disappointment of many Fortnite fans, it looks like the map for v16.50 has remained unchanged. However, with a new season right around the corner, it shouldn’t be long until Epic Games shakes it up.

Other Information

Looking at other assets released with the update, Fortnite pages were able to gather more information about the future of the game, potentially with Season 7 implications. The update also came with a number of changes to creative mode, which can be found here.

If any other information becomes available, this article will be updated. Stay up to date with all Fortnite news and updates on, especially as Season 7 gets closer. Give your game an update and check out the new items.

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