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For Those Who Love Gaming And Supernatural

For those of us who love the world of gaming, and the world of Supernatural on television, this article, right here, is the place for you. Supernatural has been my addiction since 2018, and I binged it in every spare moment I had until I was caught up. From there, I spent my time waiting an agonizingly long (not actually all that long) time until the 15th season was out and complete. My parents actually just put me to shame by watching the entire series within two months (they are both retired, so I like to think that they just had more time than I did.) 

If you feel the way I do about Supernatural (absolute love and complete addiction would be the way to describe it,) then you are also, I’m sure, completely in love with Charlie Bradbury, the hacker-hunter introduced in the 7th season. Charlie is an excellent character all around, and she is also a bright spot of joy for gamers because of the nature of her character, and because the actress who plays her, Felicia Day, is a gamer in real life. She is one of the founders of Geek & Sundry and is an all-around awesome gamer and person. And so, for those of you who love everything gaming and Supernatural-related, read on to learn all about the gaming culture Felicia Day has brought to Supernatural through one of the best characters in the series.

For Those Who Love Gaming And Supernatural 5

Season 7 Episode 20, titled The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo, introduces Charlie Bradbury, the tech-savvy, fantasy-loving hacker who works for Dick Roman, leader of the horrible Leviathan. Charlie helps Sam and Dean get a few steps ahead of Dick, and although at the end of the episode she tells Sam and Dean to never contact her again, it is obvious from the delightful introduction that we will be seeing her again. In this first episode with Charlie, her geeky (I mean this in the best way) personality is shown off through multiple references to Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, and other corners of the geek kingdom. In this first episode, we only get a glimpse of Charlie, but it leaves us wanting to learn so much more. 

Supernatural Charlie
Image courtesy of Supernatural

One of the best gaming-centered episodes with Charlie is season 8, episode 11, titled LARP and the Real Girl. Sam and Dean start the episode with an investigation into a very strange death, where the victim was dismembered by having his arms and legs ripped off by what seems to be invisible horses. This zany investigation leads Sam and Dean to discover the LARPing kingdom of Moondoor, of which Charlie is the Queen. The delightful rediscovering of Charlie is dampened a wee bit by further killings, but eventually, with Charlie’s help, they solve the case, and end up LARPing together. This episode is an even deeper dive into the depths of Charlie’s geekery, and it cements the fact that Charlie will be a permanent fixture in the series. 

Supernatural Felicia Day
Image courtesy of Supernatural

Another key gaming moment comes from another episode in season 8 episode 20, which is entitled Pac-Man Fever. If the name itself isn’t enough to draw gamers in, the episode, which features a game played out in a dream with Charlie and Dean, is a dream come true for any gamer who has ever wanted to physically step into a game. Though the dream-game part itself is a relatively small moment of the episode time-wise, it shows so much about Charlie’s past and allows the brothers to actually get to know her, which has been slightly difficult to do, since Charlie isn’t even her real name. The gameplay in the episode comes in dream form, where Charlie is locked inside a dream of a game that she hacked into and altered when she was very young. It’s a first-person shooter game titled The Red Scare where the player (in this case Charlie, and then Dean as well) fight against supercharged vampires in an attempt to protect patients in a hospital. The game showcases Charlie’s gamer side and it also helps the guys get to know her better. 

Supernatural pic
Image courtesy of Supernatural

Charlie’s delightful hacker-hunter personality brings quite a bit of joy to a show that can be quite dark at times, and Felicia Day’s portrayal of Charlie shows the truly awesome nature of being a gamer. If you are already a gamer and a fan of Supernatural, then you already know just how awesome Charlie is and how much she brings to the series, but if you’re still unfamiliar with Supernatural and Charlie, this is the time. Get into it: binge the whole series, and fall in love with Charlie and all of the other amazing characters in Supernatural

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