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FNCS Week 2 Qualifiers: EU and NAE Recap

FNCS Week 2 Qualifiers: EU and NAE Recap 5


FNCS Qualifier Week 2 ended for the EU region as another 10 trios earned their way into the semifinals, which will commence couple weeks. The trio of TrainH Skite, TrаinH Fаlconly and Grizi Robabz won the day, but before we talk more about that, here is the match-by match summary:

Match 1

The first drop out of the battle bus was a bloody one, with the top four teams finishing with eight-plus eliminations. ZNAPPY 76, Gambit Toose and NaVi Putrick claimed the victory royale and 10 eliminations for a 50-point bomb, while Solarу Floki, Rams Clement and naek0z fell to second place with 11 eliminations. 

Match 2

The second go-around saw a weird end-game circle on the bottom left of the map near Slurpy Swamp. The water created an interesting obstacle while the last couple of circles were dragging most of the lobby the full distance.

Skite, Fаlconly and Robabz pulled off the victory royale after a close 3v3 team fight where Robabz was able to outlast Grizi 4zr in the storm. Neither Skite nor Falconly could find 4zr before dying to the storm and 4zr also clutched it, putting shots on Robabz’s build before the storm took him too.

4zr, Rams Kezwiks and grizi Nayte were the big point-getters with a second-place, 14-elimination match, good for 53 points.

Match 3

The Match 3 final circle went to the complete opposite side, up in the northeast by Steamy Stacks. After placing in 17th and ninth in the first two games with five combined eliminations, TrainH Umplify, TrainH Matsoe and NRG benjуfishу closed out Match 3 with a victory royale and seven eliminations to move into seventh place. 

However, Asteria hycr1s, vortex lol and n1ghtsck in second place were the big winners with 11 eliminations. Here were the standings halfway through the qualifier:

hxepfGjG6XkQUX bPSYr4kKVbHJdy4eG8IX0IwdNvTrkJIit3MpcRaIsv3znRchuE2R 9IG eX 1 lonp4g0NlgUcy2OjXMzG 1A unWZBREr8JrHFC8Vt5wmFhoGXQPZGft4Uc
Image Courtesy of

Match 4

Speaking of weird final circles, Match 4 takes the award in that category, as the zone moved the final teams straight into the middle of Colossal Coliseum. As the final two trios fought in low ground, the circle moved through the wall, forcing everyone into the storm and ruining any chance for VP Kiryache32, VP JAMSIDE and CL Fury to come in clutch; VP Siberiajkee was the only one above the wall and still in the tiny circle.

Siberiajkee, CL Sаfik and CL iRezUmi collected 52 points with 11 eliminations, and Fury, Jamside and Kiryache32, found 12 eliminations of their own in second place. One of the fan-favorite trios of apeks IDrop7, GUILD TаySon and 100T MrSavage had a huge 10-elimination, fifth-place finish, allowing them to jump into 11th in the overall standings.

Match 5

For the second time in three games, Benjyfishy, Umplify and Matsoe were the last players standing with seven eliminations in a beautiful high-ground performance. CL l1nk, Stormyriteqt and NaVі 7tоr finished in second with a lobby-leading 12 eliminations. 

Funny enough, the two trios tied for the second-most eliminations went to the 12th and 13th place teams. Those teams were IDrop, TaySon and MrSavage, and Kiryache32, JAMSIDE and Fury, who sat in eighth and third respectively in the overall standings before the last match. Here were the teams hovering around the cut line: 

nJjc4PTajUNaTX dnIOXj0OaZIwH LvWevDJQdjw894V3wX3DsLHmEWiMFCEi1TMvlIJc kApCXqaqQBlZmsO5XKW9MsnQzDwB4DCwccLo9nxYbkB8nwGJ2BhtUl02m7kOT1 acq
Image Courtesy of

Match 6

In the final match, the third-place team, Kiryache32, JAMSIDE and Fury, was eliminated in 26th place, tied for its worst finish of the day. Then the lobby leaders, Skite, Fаlconly and Robabz, were eliminated in 21st place after running into Benjyfishy’s team in early game.

The final victory royale of the say went to EvozA Helix, SRN Bobby and Flames Deqzyy, who collected 56 points and jumped to 10th overall. With clutch performance, the team barely qualified, knocking IDrop, TaySon and MrSavage into the ever-heart-breaking 11th place. 

ZNAPPY 76, Gambit Toose and NaVi Putrick solidified their qualification with a second-place, 39-point performance, as did BL Setty, Gamma Kami and GXR teeq with a third-place finish with five eliminations.

Final Standings – Top 10

Image Courtesy of

There is one more week of FNCS qualifiers before the semifinals start the following week, and with a number of talented trios yet to qualify, keep a close eye on Syft’s coverage next Sunday.


Game 1

QA Whofishy and 9L Tabz saw their first squad-wipe just moments from landing at Colossal Colosseum. A wild box-fight broke out in the storm with 1P Acornski, G2 Jahq and LG Slackles cleared house, with  1P Acornski claiming three kills in the box. FS Ajerss, and Skittles went into the sixth circle with five kills for their team. Skqugha found claimed more eliminations in the last circle while on the high-ground and won the first round with FS Ajerss. 

They ended the game with 12 eliminations and 54 points, with only seven separating them from the second-place team.

Game 2

Colossal Colosseum was once again the home to Game 2’s earliest fights. Liquid Riversan’s crew managed to wipe out C9 Avery and Co. 9L Tabz’s trio had to contend for loot with Liquid Riversan and C9 Avery’s group. Klass, Co1azo, and DeRoller claimed six kills for their team going into the final storm of the game. Klass’ group ended up winning the game after taking out Snake Ackerman, who still managed to top the leaderboard through the number of eliminations they claimed in the first two games.

Game 3

Co1azo managed to take three eliminations for himself at Catty Corner in the opening minutes of the match. In the later rounds, Skittle’s trio found themselves on high-ground, punishing players who ventured out in the open mid-rotation and claiming multiple eliminations for his team. Klass’ trio relocated to the low-ground and wiped out any players they encountered, before Klass died in the storm, earning Skugha’s trio their second win of the day. 

The win would allow them to reclaim the top of the leader board with 26 kills and 125 points. Separating the second-place team from them by only 17 points. 

Game 4

The high-ground was highly sought after going into the later stages of the game, and Elite Crunchy did his best with TNA Narwhal to make sure it was clear before they had to relocate closer to the ground, with ADV Villet’s crew taking over the high-ground before the last storm. They found 3v2 against Co1azo and Deroller when trying to push to the low-ground, and were promptly wiped out. Co1azo and Deroller managed to snag the win for Game 4. 

Game 5

Aminished’s crew managed to gain the high-ground later in the game and did an excellent job at applying pressure to the mid-ground, where many other teams were being forced to relocate out in the open. At the final round, the group was forced to lower their ground, and they were able to wedge themselves into already established firefights, nabbing them the win for Game 5.

DeRoller, Klass, and Co1azo managed to leave Game 5 on top and went into Game 6 with 185 points. If they could stay alive until the final storm, and end being in the top five with a handful of kills, they could still nab this round of qualifiers.

Game 6

G2 Jahq was left to fend for himself in just the fifth round of the game, with him and Acornsker being taken out from fall damage. TNA Narwhal brought down an entire trio before being brought down by LG Joji. Eight teams made it into the final circle, and that was quickly reduced to just four, with each fight taking place on both the high and low-ground. KNG Kexxy was able to secure the high-ground, and shortly after the team on the low-ground was wiped out due to the storm. 

DeRoller, Klass, and Co1azo finished off Qualifier 2 with over 230 points.

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