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FNCS Semifinals and Reboot Round Results: EU, NAE and NAW

For this round of FNCS competition, there were four semifinal heats in each region where the top eight trios from each earned a spot in the FNCS Finals. Then, for the final spot, the ninth through 16th-place teams from each heat all competed in one match where only the first-place finishing team earned the 33rd spot in finals.

FNCS Semifinals and Reboot Round Results: EU, NAE and NAW 14


EU – Semifinal Heat A

After a couple rough games in qualifiers, apeks IDrop 7, GUILD TаySon and 100T MrSavage blew the doors open when it mattered most. The trio finished in first place with 182 total points, 42 more than the second place team. While they only had one victory royale, they only finished outside the top seven in the first game, securing an average placement of 5.33.

Two teams finished in first place twice: Lootboy Pinq 7, Glоrious TruleX and vitality stompy, and LootBoy QueasKun, Heretics Packо and Centric Rakso. Those teams finished in second and fourth place overall respectively.

In third place was a team with no first-place finishes: GUILD Hen 75, WAVE JannisZ and oogway 74. Instead, their success came from an average eliminations mark of 6.67, the highest out of the 33 teams. 

Heat A Top Eight:

maTXmd6xNtQrjUeHFiliwUInk7Ta2meaz31rzADors1AHhd3smPVCWik1MpM8ihqcNAQc7ohReM5dMIgXmC4VRMYpEjcNvam5IBwzsS7O1SMuiRTMgB qJGe3KgT7kSsO0G1qG1b
Courtesy of

EU – Semifinal Heat B

Heat B was much closer, as the top team of еgrm, HOMYNO voxe and GLORIOUS kebo had just 134 total points. Interestingly enough, this trio netted zero wins had three games with zero kills. In matches 1, 2 and 6, they finished in third, second and second respectively, with 32 combined kills. 

The second-place team also didn’t get a win, as VEOR Jannes, VEOR tillv1 and VEOR Gripey only placed outside of the top ten once, but also only placed once inside the top five.

With such a low qualification mark, the door was left wide open in this heat, giving every team an opportunity to qualify. Four teams were able to qualify with only one win, while two teams, GO Shaykoz, GO Grayinjo and Solary EMXXRR W, and pg wаrrior, kelfy and AOS Vortexers, won but didn’t make the top eight. 

Heat B Top Eight:

2rmO9EyCgvgvu8TC TGt wekMdS3vn7d8wRa2bgBZ9OSNnqOKv 34ycfxP1GNCZhMKmVcBr0StVPl19lbUEKqewgXKqpdunDLvxNHV9x648S6oX2XrmTY IrDnv4nE21Apn9aqz
Courtesy of

EU – Semifinal Heat C

While Lmnx Malibuca, TCE shizogod and Mayhem only had three good games in Heat C, two of them ended in victory royales, including a 14-elim win to start Sunday. The other was a fourth-place, nine-elimination performance as the trio rolled into the top spot.

They beat out Legxndz xddddddd, M10 karmafnr and OVA Awaer7- who did not finish outside the top 10 in any game- by just two points. This heat was spread pretty thin, as only the first place team had an average of more than six eliminations.

THE BIG DOWNS, еtq and PabloWingu, and Wave Kikoo, LootBoy Slender and XIV Moshyoh won games and qualified in the top eight. 

Heat C Top Eight:

Z qsBZXJ1iM7hDcRvaa2Z2Ppm82A SCxTe5RxVpzPsJ6sSWw798kEfYaRMDzPESTXsCR0G4ql b9zjRtMjYrNd52hQ IsVVrgc78IrXJFdgHSuZM4nv4jE Ux
Courtesy of

EU – Semifinal Heat D

The final Heat of the weekend for EU saw the most dominant performance, as GUILD Flikk, GUILD Аnas and Gamma Th0masHD blew through the rest of the trios with 256 total points and five top-five finishes. 

This team absolutely smoked everyone else, scoring 105 points more than the second place team. They had three performances of double-digit eliminations, including a 26-elimination second place in game five. Their two wins in games three and four had a combined 30 eliminations.

Nobody could come close to the trio’s average placement of 3.83 or the 11.33 average in eliminations, but seven other teams did qualify. That performance set the tone for everyone else at the top-eight mark was 101 points, higher than any of the other heats. 

Three trios had victory royales and qualified:

3rd – MCES Andilex, Grizi Snayzy and xsweeze.mces
5th – Homyno ewen, MCES DKS and b1acky.BDS
8th – RCY Paddy, KNIFER FORTNITE and Veno the dog

Heat D Top Eight:

roTFBhnyHol00s1uUSflFSy4ESMnNZX6izo RSg9i0avynXPvUDtnlnVGxMduArAkjxLys7zXHw9Ml8GbNYULgLTynX7Q1fY7Gypf2Gf3kgWCqjSIuOSa lVtmOW
Courtesy of

EU – Reboot Round

The teams from ninth to 16th in each of the four heats competed in one winner-take-all match with the victor advancing as the last team to make finals. That win went to ALOFT Diablo, Flecken and BAYON from Heat D, as Flecken stayed back in the zone with a ton of heals, winning this match with 11 eliminations.

As it often does, the reboot round came with heartbreak as GO Shaykoz, GO Grayinjo and Solary EMXXRR from Heat B had high ground until the dying seconds, but GO Grayinjo couldn’t win the heal-off.


NAE – Semifinal Heat A

To nobody’s surprise, the dominant trio of NRG СІіх, SEN BUGHA and FаZe Bizzle led Heat A with 163 points, capitalized by a final game first-place finish with 11 eliminations. Before that, the trio had just one game outside the top 10, and were one of only two trios to have an average placing inside the top 10. 

The other was the team of BBG Bucke, BBG Khanasty and MackWood1x in fourth place with a 10-elimination victory royale and three top-five finishes in five total matches. 

In Heat A, every team that won a match finished in the top eight, and no team won more than one. The second-place finishers, LG JAMPER 111, C9 nosh and EP PAPER 111, led the lobby with 6.33 average eliminations.

Heat A Top Eight:

nvmVTnGaBJO00fhbHWbHqaHWqfnq2oaEsdywZHEfsA9CuV1F0uDDieWCo6ItQgSbV8CPfZWQqeww0U7 eel7lEamXuxepzt5SuwCFOCLKkBkbVXqP83QY4WryO67 tjmWB166iU
Courtesy of

NAE – Semifinal Heat B

With two wins and an average placing of 4.33, endless gabе, tаhi and sprite led Heat B with 191 points. The trio placed inside the top 10 in all six games and started the heat with an 11-elimination victory royale. The team’s 6.5 average eliminations also paced the lobby. 

The trios in the second through fourth spot each won a game, and were only separated by seven points.

2nd – Speguu, XPRT Goku and TSG Justice
3rd – c0dgenesis, 9LIVES VOIL and ENDLESS Pandush
4th – SEN ZYFA, nut and TUEXY

The other team to win a game was the popular trio of Arab on SARMS, Nate Hill and Inno on SARMS, which collected 10 eliminations in that fourth game win. However, they only chalked up six more eliminations and one top-10 finish for the rest of the day, fishing in 11th, leaving their chances up to the reboot round. 

Heat B Top Eight:

RvsJIyuW84g4NScPg1ZdyEnvxqJLYKB Lqf9DNtYYi5KQJ0GX78r6379iiqpLKLutWddpro
Courtesy of

NAE – Semifinal Heat C

The two most dominating performances came in Heat C, with two teams cracking the 200-point mark, but in very different ways. 

First-place finishers LG Slackes, 1P Acornski and G2 Jаhq achieved this milestone by clinching the last three victory royales. It was an unbelievable stretch of first-place finishes while collecting 14, 20 and 16 eliminations. They never finished outside the top 10 and had more than five eliminations in all six games. Reaching 279 points, there was no stopping this trio.

However, the second-place finishers of Cоmmandment, LOWGROUND KING7 and NRG Edgey would’ve finished first easily in any other NAE heat. Despite getting 224 points, the trio didn’t win a single game; instead, they managed to finish inside the top five in all five games. An average of nine eliminations per game also aided the crazy performance.

Comparatively, the rest of the lobby was lackluster, but the trios of noob teyo, Chimp and Tabnae nae, and HIGHGROUND KІNG7, Dictate and Userz both had a victory royale, and finished in third and fourth place, respectively. 

Heat C Top Eight:

Vmwj6QpYMk0sUXZM9Mqpw1EgioNAIrGlhMISe3h34TExLKvNaEX vVCod8vP umbX XdRAEQdlimB7xz gms89eMGxRcYd 4MFL31lC5mclKNOCncl0GekUrO1LZ8ikQlvrvEePP
Courtesy of

NAE – Semifinal Heat D

Victory royale was the name of the game for Heat D. All top four teams came away with a first-place finish, including BBG Kreozard, XTRA Illest and C9 Avery, who won with 178 total points and FS Degen, FS Ajerss and skqugha, who earned two victory royales. 

The third-place finishers, Cеicе, SEN Animal and The Uzі, actually had the lowest average eliminations out of any team in the top 10, but tied for second in average placement. They had five top-seven finishes after starting off with a rough 22nd place in game one. 

Another team at the top of the board was the XSET team of Knight, Shark and Av, clinching a finals berth in fourth with 121 total points. NRG ZAYT, TrainH saffy and Liquid ЅТRETCН found a win but finished in 11th place, pushing all hope to the reboot round Sunday night.

Heat D Top Eight:

ok4qM KEs MeJyf3olpiiCtweUCuYlVrb 8Lr4b9E5zOT8sN45 XAaCi7oQpAyMoqcj9HWElKBcTHt87F79JWzyKiAtjKpulC30Ujb0kzmUpByKdOCmL6e059rBkGxXZkwB9Wq8
Courtesy of

NAE – Reboot Round

It seems that hope kept the dream alive as, NRG ZAYT, TrainH saffy and Liquid ЅТRETCН came in clutch for the victory royale. The teams from ninth to 16th in each of the four heats competed in one winner-take-all match with the victor advancing as the last team to make finals, as they emerged victorious.

After grabbing high ground, the trio dominated positioning in the lobby, beating out FaZe Megga, Eclipsae and FаZe Dubs. Megga stayed back in zone preparing for a heal-off and trying to get away from the high-ground trio, but it was too early. With more heals, Stretch was able to stay in the circle much longer that Megga, easily beating him out for first place. 

ZAYT, saffy and STRETCH only had three kills, fewer than 11 different teams, but that didn’t matter. Only the victory royale mattered and they punched their ticket to FNCS finals.


NAW – Semifinal Heat A

After placing 17th and 31st in the first two drops, 5G Mangos, 5G Kaboo and РELICAN turned up the heat, finishing second, first, second and first in the last four games to earn the top spot. Heat A was super close as no team had lower than an 8.33 average placing or more than 7.5 eliminations per game.

Daddy favsqu, clg versace p and w4v3yjacob reached that 7.5 eliminations average mark, coming in second with one victory royale.

There were three teams that had a first-place finish but failed to qualify:

10th – MuscleMxlk, 2F Frоstyz and SpiritLS
12th – SLCT Ark, 5g Drew and, SLCT XARE
19th – YouTube Fixenz, vague and mﱞosh 

Heat A Top Eight:

FegPafxxVIdFmyVQGfY2HFl1x 8UjuBwMWNHnKDf4dHwqBGUaXTUaKDzMlL YDaUI3HjUhC5NCSy5rljZEghAH1mcxIQvRPonUd7fl1MPe5bODi0BY7zhV7y kTf3xRBD EMNnSm
Courtesy of

NAW – Semifinal Heat B

In one of the more impressive performances of the night, CLG symetrical, TD Dawg and NorCal Zinqxz won Heat B by 65 points with an average placing of 2.83, including two victory royales. The trio finished inside the top three in five of the six matches and led the lobby with 7.33 eliminations per game.

The winning team beat out two favorites of the heat, 100T Arkhram, 100T rehx and NRG EpikWhale, and XTRA Reet7, 4DRStorm and AK Maken, who finished second and third respectively. Each of them earned one victory royale.

Second in average eliminations was the trio of Rays TB 20, SLCT ChaseTB20 and Lunch at 7.17, but they finished outside the top 10 three times. Two teams clutched a victory royale but were unable to qualify: 5G illusion, 1beastfn and 5G mitoo, and JUlCE, fakie and Coolmancolin. Both will have a chance in the reboot round.

Heat B Top Eight: 

9WHBo8FxD4Kr lzIOatvByBPMgxMsjR1EeagRf42AGMnbQDgtVCdqRx5xboLTyLz8TCXbO N zqC0P BJVtJlMA576GFjKeAiaMj4tu83WEbDozQg13UGFKVfFHUjc
Courtesy of

NAW – Semifinal Heat C

North American West’s Heat C was the closest and most intense heat of the weekend. The top five teams were separated by just four points, and the top eight by just 24. 

Narrowly coming out on top was the trio of Raulfnar, LT Robinznn and Timberѕ Chicken, who had two victory royales, but also had two matches of no eliminations and no placement points. 

The third-place team of 100T Falconer, 5G KADENOX and TurtleTavern led the lobby with a 6.33 average placement, while sixth place, g0dku, Outcast Triggy and skvdoosh, led with 5.17 average eliminations. Neither of those teams had a victory royale, showing just how close this heat was. 

Two victory royales went to teams that qualified: TRNL Criizux, norcal alithy and NorCal Frap, and Philthy Zammy, ZD Zas and Diggy T.

The two teams with a victory royale who did not qualify and are eligible for the reboot round are Вrоdiе, RΕХ and Jakeу, and Centedsito, 415Yael and Twitter Confi1x.

Heat C Top Eight:

b mfB2k2uC anfH0GyJnk67htnSD40nejeK1H10QgGYQURorQ hj7172fnDC76VKwHw7ipDvSf
Courtesy of

NAW – Semifinal Heat D

The final heat of the weekend was also even and low scoring, with the top three separated by five points and the top eight by 51. Despite an average placing of 13, rubenfoo8, buzzo and OrdepzSZN led the lobby with 147 points and two victory royales. In fact, the trio had one two matches inside the top 10, both wins for 11 eliminations each.

Like Heat C, only two teams had an average placement below 10. Neither of those teams in this heat had a win but four of the top six teams did. NorCal Kenshi, tsg snacky and pure chriѕ finished in second with three top-three placings with the lowest average finish at ninth. 

XTRA Quinn, Jucy and TSG dylannx grabbed a win in game four, but almost fell outside the top eight after just three eliminations and 14th- and 19th-place finishes in the last two games. The trio tied in points with оIaf, eIsа and Oаken, but the victory royale gave Quinn, Jucy and dylannx the tiebreaker. 

Heat D Top Eight:

Courtesy of

NAW – Reboot Round

The teams from ninth to 16th in each of the four heats competed in one winner-take-all match with the victor advancing as the last team to make finals. That win went to TRNL UnionFoo8, ZH22 Jeffers and dаrdis, beating out XTRA MIDDIRO, XTRA verT and NorCal Dabzi in the final 1v1 heal-off between Jeffers and verT.

Again it was the first-place team with just three eliminations while second place led the lobby with 11. In fact, 12 trios had more than three kills, but the ONLY thing that matters is the victory royale. 

The reboot winner and the top eight teams in each heat will compete in FNCS Finals starting on Friday, March 12.

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