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FNCS Finals: EU, NAE and NAW

FNCS S15 finals have wrapped up. See which trios outlasted their opponents enroute to some major cash prizes.

FNCS Finals: EU, NAE and NAW 13


Competition started up on Saturday with six games and finished up Sunday with the last six, but the 12th game came down to three teams that could potentially win EU finals. In the end, GUILD Hen 75, WAVE JannisZ and oogway 74 prevailed with a final game victory royale, beating second place by 40 points with a total of 311.

Day 1 – Saturday

With a late push, BL Setty, Gamma Kami and GXR teeq took the lead after six games with 147 points, ending the day with a seven-elimination victory royale. However, they were only four points ahead of TrainH Umplify, TrainH Matsoe and NRG benjуfishу at 143 points, and just 10 points above GUILD Hen 75, WAVE JannisZ and oogway 74. All three of those top teams picked up a victory royale. 

After a 16-point break, GUILD Flikk, GUILD Аnas and Gamma Th0masHD finished in fourth and led the lobby in average eliminations at 5.67. Bolstered by a 14-elimination win, Wave Vadeal, BL Noahreyli and rezon ay лол sat in fifth with an average placing of 14, the highest of any top-10 team. 

Standings after Day 1 – Six games:

Courtesy of

Day 2 – Game 7

That fifth-place team of Vadeal, Noahreyli and rezon started the final day hot with a 13-elimination victory royale, and their second win of the tournament bumped them up into first place with 171 points. 

Surprisingly, the lobby leaders BL Setty, Gamma Kami and GXR teeq were the first to fall, just four minutes into the game, causing them to finish in fourth. The trio of Wave Kikoo, LootBoy Slender and XIV Moshyoh put together a solid nine-elimination second place finish to hop into the overall top-10. 

Day 2 – Game 8

Game 8 was dominated in late game by GUILD Hen 75, WAVE JannisZ and oogway 74, who took high ground early and closed it out with their position, collecting eight eliminations on the way. The win also gave them the overall lead with 213 points after Vadeal, Noahreyli and rezon were eliminated very early by Storm Surge.

At this point, a number of teams were still in the hurt for first place, but a couple more solid games from Hen, JannisZ and oogway would make it very difficult for anyone to catch up.

Day 2 – Game 9

The best performance in this one came from GLORIOUS Snasty, Heretics Miro and Flames Swøb, who earned 44 points in a 12-elimination, third-place finish to keep them in sixth place overall.

GUILD Hen 75, WAVE JannisZ and oogway 74 did enough to momentarily keep first place, albeit by only 20 points over Vadeal, Noahreyli and rezon, who were up by 21 over TrainH Umplify, TrainH Matsoe and NRG benjуfishу.

Overall standings after Game 9:

LPfeUpcC0RQIuNH2TRbnRHJYilX628fnrD6AGAxE 3QI5 Z4F1FCYc38yQxG LXB36i2D6Qno7yZkOQReNfJq0mgBSqr7fsm9RIZGhHIJpByDJ6Rt5sMKlctZsPgLdzbquRiCVkq
Courtesy of

Day 2 – Game 10

The first-place team fell outside the top 15 in Game 10, opening the door for other teams close behind and narrow the gap. It looked like the second-place team of Vadeal, Noahreyli and rezon would do just that with a huge win, holding high ground for most of late game. 

However, it was the low-ground team of MCES Andilex, Grizi Snayzy and xsweeze.mces who collected 50 points in a huge victory royale to move into third place overall. With the trio’s early out and a good performance from second place trio, Vadeal, Noahreyli and rezon’s lead was cut to just 12 points.

Day 2 – Game 11

One of the biggest games of the day came from GUILD Flikk, GUILD Аnas and Gamma Th0masHD, who collected an insane 62 points behind 16 eliminations to move up into third place overall.  

There were some other good games but in an important highlight, Hen, JannisZ and oogway clinched fourth in the second-to-last match to keep the top of the leaderboard tight. In fact, heading into the final game, three teams still had realistic shots to take first place. 

Overall standings with one more game to go:

YMZi2ZZvVktalgZ zas65aFW3bRjY3ceXYP3fdt8tokCvRkt8R kksAYqNVbhF 38w5D4AVv6UcVT1pkKSg4WCVkJlRJ1v8VOwNnKtKKi6b6wocs9UqwDfwM acdNN7RLIaC68gB
Courtesy of

Day 2 – Game 12

Following those top three teams, the first-place team (Hen, JannisZ and oogway) and the second-place team (Vadeal, Noahreyli and rezon) met in zone three. The biggest 3v3 team fight of the entire season went the way of Hen, JannisZ and oogway, officially knocking one of their contenders out of the game. In fact, three of the top six teams were knocked out before zone four closed.

Then it just came down to Flikk, Anas and Th0masHD, who started the final game 11 points behind the leaders. However, the trio got a little unlucky in the first moving circle, getting pulled the max distance and eventually falling in 11th place. 

At the end, Hen, JannisZ and oogway deserved the right to call themselves the EU Champions. The trio took the victory royale in the final game in the middle of Steamy Stacks, locking in first place and the $300,000 prize.

EU Final Standings:

3i5VyJbHd4LWsqwEK ia5kEPvtwJCEkStXV06JU93hhIvBCzp6Mrwdk2KGB
Courtesy of

The final game came down to the wire as teams were fighting each other and gravity as the circle went directly into the center of the stack in Steamy Stacks. That circle rotation really hurt apeks IDrop 7, GUILD TаySon and 100T MrSavage, who had high ground until the stack came into play. Although they couldn’t finish first overall, a victory royale would’ve bumped them from eighth place to sixth, a $30,000 difference.

As always, victory royale was the name of the game as nine of 12 wins were accounted for in the top six of the final standings, including three won by Hen, JannisZ and oogway.


Day 1

With the FNCS series coming to a close, each team pushed a little harder when trying to flush out their opponents from their leaderboard standings. Day 1 of Finals would set fire on teams that barely made it in, and top names that have rivalries spanning seasons. 

Ending Day 1 of Finals on top, ENDL8SS DEYYRUTO, XTRA Metro7, and ENDL8SS Reverse would find themselves closing out in first place. The gap between the top-five teams wouldn’t be enough to cement the first-place team’s spot, and they would have to bring their A-game to all five remaining games. 

Day 2

Day 2 marked the Grand-Final, and the soon closing of Season 5’s FNCS. Day 2 saw leaderboard results from six intense games all shaken up. Our Day 1 closers for example, would be bumped back down to the bottom, and many games that saw razor-thin gaps in points between top-teams. The top-three teams would not only see a hefty payout, but they would automatically qualify for the Season 6 FNCS. 

Game 1

NRG Zayt, Saffy, and Liquid Stretch managed to claim the high-ground quite early into the later stages of the game. There were five kills between the two, and the height advantage allowed them to take pop shots at other trios like XTRA Metro7’s, who were constantly trailing behind the front-end of the storm on the low-ground. Serious low-grounders, TSM Commandment and Liquid Edgey were able to mop up players to preoccupied with evading the storm and high-ground bullets. 

It came down to the two teams, with Commandment just barely getting taken out from Liquid stretch. Commandments trio left the game with 14 eliminations to their name. ENDL8SS DEYYRUTOs trio stood on top after Game 1.

Courtesy of Fortnite Tracker

Game 2

In the final circle, TSM Commandments once again found themselves sweeping through the low-ground, with five kills in their name before Commandment was wiped out after being the last remaining in his squad, barely making it into the top 10. Before trio was fully wiped, they claimed an extra nine kills. XTRA Illest’s trio managed to win Game 2. 

Despite the win, XTRA Illest’s trio wouldn’t be sitting on top of the leaderboard, or even in the top five. The top seat belonged to ENDL8ss DEYYRUTO’s trio. with TSM Commandment, Liquid Scented, and NRG Edgey tagging close behind.

Game 3

In the later stages Game 3, it was Bugha’s trio that claimed the high-ground, while TSM swept the low-ground. In the end, it was FaZe Cented vs Bugha, with the former dying in the storm while firing at Bugha. Cented didn’t have any items that could negate the storm damage, leaving very little actual fighting taking place between the two in the final seconds. 

Even though they came in second, Commandment’s trio toped the leaderboard with 55 Elims and 246 points, with 21 separating them from LG Slackes’ trio. 

h pBUKvSYgcRS4MPGwRtaQI5hwN7gJj SYUPCJtSJMdeUucSza55oOFTTU6NaMcfm6fLQ7oJ1mF2 T8rk 0mX96DZv4qNmccla414ZhCnrNWWOSig8zYhLJlQc 3l9r4l1jw Ug9
Courtesy of Fortnite Tracker

Game 4

Game 4 not only saw a race against the storm, but one for the high-ground, and the final two circles appeared. Commandment found himself alone again with eight other players and was brought down only seconds after downing Teyo by the latter’s teammate. Bugha, Clix, and Bizzle once again nabbed another win after fighting against Teyo’s crew on the ground. 

Commandment’s trio remained on the leaderboard with 64 Elims and 278 points, only 25 separating them from the second-place team. 

Game 5

Game 5 wasn’t the best for TSM’s trio as they didn’t even make it into the top ten. With four more circles to go, their number one spot would be in serious jeopardy. In the last circle, Clix was fighting for his life after Bizzle and Bugha were knocked out. He managed to wipe out a few more opponents and gained his team a few more points before being wiped himself. 

Insight Dusky’s crew won Game 5 after a 2v1 lead to a pretty easy win, though it wasn’t enough for them to break into the top-five. LG Slackes, Acornski, and Jahq overtook Commadment’s trio for first place with 68 Elims and 283 points. There were five points separating the first two teams going into Game 6.

Game 6

The top-team going into Game 6 only made it into the top-five by the skin of their teeth. The game saw players who usually didn’t see much camera time not only take on top-teams, but actually take the dub for themselves. BBG Bucke’s crew took the win for Game 6, after a high/low-ground fight between Bucke and NRG Zayt. 

Our NAE champions, by only a four-point lead (literally two Elims) were LG Slackes, Acornski, and G2 Jahq with 71 Elims and 303 points. In second place was TSM Commandment, FaZe Cented, and NRG Edgey with 68 Elims and 299 points. Closing out the top-three teams was BBG Bucke, BBG Khanasty, and G2 MackWood with 67 Elims and 296 points. 

AZe4a9JOUjwYTqqyyeeoWy34Wbt4Swp6irmrCuLCoDKF0evekSAsyX7LqakSCmKR0OcZ067G QiGqj YZ3nfUBQqpc4m8HlZB
Courtesy of Fortnite Tracker


To nobody’s surprise, the kings of North American West Fortnite, 100T Arkhram, 100T rehx and NRG EpikWhale won back-to-back FNCS Championships to finish the jam-packed weekend of competitive Fortnite. 

Collecting $75,000, the trio was the only team to average a top-10 finish and had the second-highest rate of eliminations at 5.08 per game, finishing with 302 total points.

Day 1 – Saturday

There were a couple of clear favorites after Day 1, as the last FNCS winners, 100T Arkhram., 100T rehx and NRG EpikWhale, sat just five points behind XTRA Quinn, Jucy and TSG dylannx7, who had just one placing outside the top eight in the first six games. 

ast chicken, slct avail and Kytrex, with two victory royales in the first two games, rounded out the top three as the only teams to have an average placing under 10. CLARIX jagveer7, Balanced Mojo7 and ZH22 Solution joined the top two teams as the only three trios with more than six average eliminations. 

Standings after Day 1 – Six games:

9ngNB j0L6hSl5aV4aeTil0hyLPKI 9OcX4TW1xIT1W7JfrDGkn0U0vKQia AdNVGhGFLTJ0ybtJfnDm W xz7Z7U
Courtesy of

Day 2 – Game 7

In a 2v3 situation at the end of the game, pure spideyy, NorCal Blizy7 and 5G nate closed out a 10-elimination victory royale from low ground to grab 50 total points. Despite having the high ground, 5G Mangos, 5G Kaboo and pure pelican had a disadvantage with Mangos already down, and they weren’t able to grab the right angles in the final circle near Misty Meadows. 

With more 5G representation, 5G Rek, WWG Dngy and OrukIe came in third with 10 eliminations as well. The lobby leaders, Quinn, Jucy and dylannx7 finished in sixth with six eliminations and Arkhram, Rehx and EpikWhale fell all the way to 11th with just one elim, their worst finish and lowest elimination number of the entire day.

Day 2 – Game 8

The top two teams continued to battle back and forth, falling in seventh (Quinn, Jucy and dylann) and fourth (Arkhram, Rehx and EpikWhale), collecting 27 and 24 points, respectively. 

tsg kenshi, tsg snacky and pure chriѕ won the game with nine eliminations, outlasting TRNL Poppins 34, TRNL exе and Kyle Poppins 34’s 11-elimination game despite playing from low ground.

Day 2 – Game 9

Game 8 started an incredible four-game run for Arkhram, Rehx and Epikwhale, who finished inside the top four in four consecutive games. In Game 9, they finished in third with only three eliminations, but collected 26 points; 26 more than Quinn, Jucy and dylann, who were knocked out in 27th place.

After getting down to the last couple of teams, clg sym, TD Dawg and NORCALZINQXZIWNL were practically given the win as the second- and third-place teams fought it out in the storm. 5G Nach, 5G dex and Pure FJAA won the team fight but couldn’t get back into the zone before falling in second with eight eliminations. 

Overall standings after Game 9:

4j1SUxthg2 Hwtdukgr3T9H0CoV20UFfNn8b4RoM4eAKlmzSAYmU2LMZ0nWdG0TmdBDIeKB18g77HnXEDz5gIbtd5pccAJqQOXJUkwnkeD63Nt0ah08h0yBeceiCtqK5CAMhsFaN
Courtesy of

Day 2 – Game 10

With only a three-point lead heading into Game 10, Arkhram, Rehx and EpikWhale set themselves apart with a seven-elimination victory royale. Quinn, Jucy and dylann, on the other hand, fell early again, this time in 20th place with just one elimination.

tsg kenshi, tsg snacky and pure chriѕ were making a push for the lead with a five-elimination third-place finish, but the problem was nobody could stop Arkhram, Rehx and EpikWhale. 

Day 2 – Game 11

The second win of the day for pure spideyy, NorCal Blizy7 and 5G nate came through on high ground in Game 11, collecting just three kills as the storm traveled way up the mountain south of Catty Corner. tsg kenshi, tsg snacky and pure chriѕ put together another great game with eight eliminations in second place, but again, Arkhram, Rehx and EpikWhale were right behind them with a third-place performance. 

ast chicken, slct avail and Kytrex, who have been bouncing around the top five in overall standings, had a lobby-leading 11 eliminations but with an eighth-place finish, could only muster 32 points. 

Overall standings with one more game to go:

AGCDdhV9fg2Hm 98nd J z8a mbhGxhaAeLlPXmPNPpqgbmkxAYrXmgQYJjteqYXPYSQ2Up8CONjizpUCGpN iDx8Up bNqIetLQaOeDNqNpWA5GBsM5sr1vVVXRJZ CTSZUH10I
Courtesy of

Day 2 – Game 12

Up by 46 points, Arkhram, Rehx and Epikwhale had the $75,000 just about wrapped up and solidified it with a 15-point showing to win by 48 points.

There were still some huge moves made in the final game. Coming in second place with 11 eliminations, 5G Poppins 34, OG DABABYFACE420 and amba moved into the top 10 to secure $15,000. 

Again, XTRA Quinn, Jucy  and TSG dylannx7 went down early with zero points, which meant tsg kenshi, tsg snacky and pure chriѕ, moved into second place with 13 points, an $18,000 difference.

Clarix Zehlo, Dxcaying and mse -iwnl- came in clutch to take the victory royale, earning 40 of their 158 total points and moving into 13th overall, collecting $3,000 between them. 

NAW Final Standings:

ki 4zjXUIIW3GY82Xcxw3NTZKKo3ycXVAgKToWCFY1rCE1y aFvSSMlrXquIiAKrnidRu10bjJw506
Courtesy of

After a rough first day that saw just 38 total points, pure spideyy, NorCal Blizy7 and 5G nate put together a fantastic 153-point Sunday, the best of any team, to jump into sixth overall.

Most importantly, Arkhram, Rehx and EpikWhale continue to dominate North American West with their second consecutive FNCS championship, this time by 48 points over second place as the only team with an average placing below 10 at 7.5. 

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