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FNCS Group Stage Day 1: Top Trio of the Day

Day one of the FNCS group stage has come and gone, and believe me when I tell you there was an incredible display of raw talent shown by many players. I sat in awe watching so many players put on such a show. However, there can only be on top trio in the day and it has to go to my boys Anas, Th0masHD and Flikk.

FNCS Group Stage Day 1: Top Trio of the Day 2

There’s not a simpler way to put it: These guys kicked ass. In order to understand just how much ass they kicked, I want to quickly go into how points are scored. Six games are played, with the goal of getting as many points as possible. Players receive five points for a Victory Royale (first place), four points for second, two points for third, and one point for places 4-17. Eliminating others also gives players a point is also awarded for eliminations, forcing players to have to have a mix of high finishes and high elimination games.

From the start, it was all about the trio of Anas, Th0masHD and Flikk. In game one they went on to best the competition with a Victory Royale and 13 eliminations. This incredible first game put them in a great position, but they weren’t done yet. The trio snagged a second-place finish and five more eliminations in the second game. In your first two games, there’s not really much more you could ask for.

Check out our boy Anas totally clutching up in the storm to solidify his team’s game one victory. This is the type of gameplay you can’t teach; you’re either clutch or you’re not, simple as that.

The boys were a little quiet in the next couple games but came back with vengeance, and finished strong. In their last game they snagged second-place and, more importantly, added another 14 kills to their resume. This game featured an insane harpoon snipe, courtesy of Anas and Th0masHD, shooting the enemy with a harpoon gun, moving them out of cover, and sniping them before they have any idea what’s coming. I said it before, you can’t teach this. and their gameplay chemistry can’t be denied.

As the dust settled, our trio ended day one in first place, with a total of 141 points and one Victory Royale. Their average eliminations were 7.5 per game, with an average placement of 4.67. What’s most impressive, is they averaged 23.5 points earned per match. Anas, Th0masHD and Flikk put in the work today on both fronts, the reason after day one they hold the number one spot, and why they are the Trio of the Day. I cannot wait to see where the rest of the tournament takes us and how this trio continues to play.

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