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Fnatic Upsets G2 Esports At the End of LEC’s Third Week

LEC’s Week 3 has ended with an absolute bloodbath in which the biggest rivals in the league faced each other. Thanks to a monstrous performance by Bwipo, Fnatic upset G2 Esports in a 29-minute game.

Fnatic over G2 1
Photo courtesy of LEC

The Rivalry between Fnatic and G2 has always been huge, but after Rekkles’ surprising move to G2 in the offseason, this confrontation became more meaningful for both sides. Even though it didn’t start the league as wanted, Fnatic destroyed and got revenge over G2 and Rekkles.

Fnatic G2 draft 1
Photo courtesy of LEC

Grabbing Azir and one of the strongest bot-lane duos, Thresh and Aphelios, Fnatic was the side who won the pick screen by far. Besides, getting Volibear and Taliyah was extra for it. Meanwhile, G2 Esports trusted its individuals and preferred Camille, Lillia, Zoe, Kai’Sa and Alistar. 

The game started at full bat; in the third minute, Wunder secured the first blood for his team by solo killing Bwipo while his bot lane got another score in 2v2. However, Fnatic had answers as well. Selfmade visited both lanes, the top and the bot, and tied the scoreboard in the seventh minute.

Making mistakes in a game like this was inevitable. Both sides tried to punish their opponents in different lanes at the same time, but both of them failed and gave up one each. Meanwhile, the happiest man in the server was Upset as he had a 20-ish minion lead against Rekkles in all this mess.

Despite giving up the first blood, Bwipo came up big and grabbed the priority in the top lane against Wunder. He denied several ganks from Jankos; in fact, Bwipo made the Polish jungler regret his attempts.

In the 15th minute, the first team fight popped off in the top jungle of Fnatic. The fight was looking well for G2, but Bwipo turned everything upside down with his teleport. He ran into all G2 members with his curly hair and big smile, one-shotted Rekkles, and secured the team fight for Fnatic.

Everyone in Fnatic got their power spike early, leading them to take Baron Nashor in the 21st minute. If you think this is good news for Fnatic, there is more; G2 decided to fight back, which wasn’t a good idea, and lost five more kills and the team fight.

With nearly a10K-gold lead, ending the game wasn’t a hard task for Fnatic. It headed to victory in the 29th minute after winning another team fight around Baron Nashor. Fnatic got the revenge from its former legendary AD-carry with a 19-9 score.

Fnatic sits in fourth place with four wins while G2 Esports shares second place with Schalke 04 at five wins in LEC Spring 2021.

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