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Fnatic, Liquid, Aster and Quincy Crew Eliminated From The Singapore Major

The second day of the ONE Esports Singapore Major Playoffs came to an end, and four teams have bid goodbye to their Dota Pro Circuit Season 1 dreams.  Fnatic, Team Liquid, Team Aster and Quincy Crew are the teams that have bowed out after their trials and tribulations against the best teams of the world.

Playoffs Day 1

Day 1 of the playoffs had Dota 2 stalwarts face off against teams who had finished at the top of the Group Stage. Evil Geniuses, Invictus Gaming, Team Secret and PSG.LGD styled on their opponents to secure themselves a comfortable two-day break before their next matches.

Meanwhile, Fnatic, Vici Gaming, Thunder Predator and were relegated to the Lower Bracket for a second chance at the Major.

Series 1:

Evil Geniuses 2 — 0 Fnatic

1 1
Courtesy of ONE Esports

The first game of the day had Fnatic getting smashed by Evil Geniuses. The first game was a decisive victory, while the second game had EG slowly outplay Fnatic in a 50-minute match. Fnatic was relegated to the Lower Bracket. 


Series  2:

Invictus Gaming  2 — 1  Vici Gaming

2 1
Courtesy of ONE Esports

Vici had a strong showing in the Group Stage but not good enough to beat IG. Vici did manage to snatch a game off IG, but IG clinically executed the third game to relegate VG to the Lower Bracket. 


Series 3:

Team Secret 2 — 0  Thunder Predator

3 1
Courtesy of ONE Esports

The European powerhouse that is on an eight-game win streak has been dominating everyone in the recent past with an win rate of above 80%. In the postgame interview, MoOz said that they had gone into the game knowing Secret’s prowess. Unfazed by their loss, Thunder Predator put up a strong fight against Secret’s relentless force. Secret ended the series with an easy 2-0 performance.


Series 4:

PSG.LGD  2 — 0

4 1
Courtesy of ONE Esports

PSG.LGD secured a comfortable victory against the CIS boys. VP made PSG.LGD work for their first win, but by the second game, VP seemed to unravel under LGD’s clinical gameplay. LGD ended the series 2-0. 


Playoffs Day 2

Day 2 of the Singapore Major was where all the blood, sweat and tears were shed with teams vying to keep their dreams of winning the Major alive.

Series 1:

OB.Neon 2 — 1 Fnatic

5 1
Courtesy of ONE Esports

The first game between the two SEA teams was a close one, each rebuffing the others’ heavily push-oriented lineup, but Neon prevailed in Game 1. Fnatic picked Alchemist in Game 2; they had a shaky start, but Raven’s Alchemist shattered Neon’s composure, closing the game easily at 24 minutes. However, Neon prevailed victorious, snatching Game 3 off Fnatic, eliminating SEA‘s former powerhouse.

Series 2:

Vici Gaming  2 — 0 Team Liquid

6 1
Courtesy of ONE Esports

Team Liquid didn’t manage to come even close to their Wild Card performance. Vici Gaming’s experience and execution were nigh flawless, crushing all of Liquid’s hopes and dreams. The Chinese team won comfortably, 2-0, against Liquid. With Liquid’s elimination, Team Secret is the only European team left in the Singapore Major.

Series 3:

Thunder Predator  2 — 0  Team Aster

7 1
Courtesy of ONE Esports

Thunder Predator seemed to have learned its lessons from the loss against Secret. They struggled in Game 1 against Aster, only gaining momentum at the 40-minute mark, giving Aster no ground for a comeback. By Game 2, TP had seemed to have figured Aster inside and out. They dominated the game, staying ahead in net worth right after the laning phase ended. TP closed the series 2-0, kicking Team Aster’s Singapore Major dreams right in the gut.

Series 4: 2 — 1 Quincy Crew

8 1
Courtesy of ONE Esports

The last series of the day was a hard-fought one. Both the teams had their moments of glory through the chaos of their team fights. While not the most elegant Dota, it certainly was the most entertaining. Quincy Crew managed a handy victory in Game 1, but VP came back equally strong in Game 2 with Nightfall’s Alchemist steamrolling QC in a 24-minute bloodbath. Game 3 had both teams keeping equal footing in phenomenally executed plays and misplays. After 30 minutes of trying to top each other, VP managed to swiftly crush QC in after a series of team fights.

With this, Fnatic, Team Liquid, Team Aster, and Quincy Crew end their ONE Esports Singapore Major journey. The rest of the teams will battle it out in the Upper and Lower Brackets in the coming days. All the teams that have been eliminated to date will not receive any DPC points or prize money.

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