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Fnatic Eliminates SK Gaming, Advances in LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs

The LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs have started with a banger series everyone! Fnatic surpassed SK Gaming in the opening series of the playoffs with a 3-1 victory and advanced to Round 2 of the Lower Bracket.

FNC over SK LEC 1
Courtesy of the LEC

Game 1

Fnatic stepped in the Summoner Rift with a strong late-game lineup, picking Gragas, Volibear, Orianna, Tristana and Nautilus against Aatrox, Hecarim, Ahri, Xayah and Alistar of SK Gaming. 

Unlike expectations, the match had an aggressive start with early ganks, which weren’t enough to obtain kills, by both junglers. However, first blood was taken a little bit late in the ninth minute by Selfmade. After several clashes around the top lane, SK Gaming grabbed the advantage in the game, winning the longest fight I’ve ever seen. In the 23th minute, a big-brain play came out from Fnatic. It secured the Nashor buff before SK Gaming reacted, and then Nisqy’s superb Shockwave brought the crucial team fight victory in for his team. After that time, Fnatic had the aces, did whatever it wanted and ended the game in the 34th minute.

Game 2

If you are one of the viewers who think this was going to be easy for Fnatic, this match showed how wrong you were. Everything was going great for Fnatic in the early game, and nobody was able to catch up with Selfmade’s Hecarim while he ran and hit all lanes freely. It got kills, objectives and the strength to win the game until the team fight that occurred in SK Gaming’s base. In the 28th minute, SK Gaming managed to win the most critical team fight in the game and pressed the button of its comeback process. Consecutive mistakes didn’t help Fnatic at all, SK Gaming succeeded in turning the game around and stole the victory.

Game 3

Coming into the next game following that frustrating result right is not an easy task, but Fnatic’s bot lane didn’t display a single mental breakdown since Upset took three kills within five minutes. Thanks to its bot lane’s huge lead, Fnatic secured all early dragon buffs, which were the key of the game. When there is the threat of the Dragon Soul on the table, you may be forced to decide on something that you don’t want to do. In the 23th minute, SK Gaming was obligated to fight to prevent Fnatic from taking the Infernal Soul, and it was the end of the game in a way. Fnatic acquired the Soul, won another team fight and destroyed SK Gaming’s Nexus after obtaining the Nashor buff.

Game 4

The fourth game was an absolute bloodbath which was initiated with the minute-one fight in the bot lane that SK Gaming was going to regret for occurring. Like the previous game, Fnatic’s bot lane earned a gigantic lead that helped them secure early dragons, which were the essentials of victory for the team. Despite falling behind in the early game, SK Gaming put on a good performance in the way of coming back with the leadership of Jenax. Finishing the match 8/3/5, Jenax fought to the bitter end, but one irretrievable mistake prevented SK Gaming from closing the game. Fnatic didn’t refuse the gift, grabbed the Elder Dragon Soul  and the Nashor buffs and went toward SK Gaming’s base and won the series 3-1.

Fnatic advances to round 2 of the lower bracket where it will face a loser from the upper bracket.

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