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FNaF Security Breach: Trailer Breakdown and Hints

With two official trailers and a GeForce RTX Reveal highlight, the stage is set for fans to start theorizing and getting pumped for Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, set to release later in 2021. We’ve seen some beautiful shots of both the facilities and accommodations as well as the stars of the show, Glamrock Freddy and his cohort, but fans are already speculating about the identity of other lesser-known characters as well as the twists and turns the story may hold for us. So strap in and charge your flashlights, as we’ve got a lot to cover.

FNaF Security Breach 1
Courtesy of Scott Cawthorn and Steel Wool Studios

As shown in PlayStation’s February 25 State of Play broadcast, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach will be a free-roam adventure starring Gregory, a child who has somehow stayed after hours in Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex. In the trailer itself we can see Gregory being chased by several large animatronics, as well as Vanny, a human wearing a large bunny suit. We actually know her name to be Vanny due in part to the Funko Pop toy releases, where she and a female security guard are shown next to each other. Interestingly enough, the security guard’s name is Vanessa, and it is a highly debated topic in the community about how these two characters are related. Are they the same character, with split personalities? Or are they two separate individuals, with the more malicious Vanny impersonating the well-meaning security guard Vanessa in order to gain access to secret areas of the facility?

FNaF Security Breach 2
Courtesy of Scott Cawthorn and Steel Wool Studios

Vanny isn’t all that lurks in the neon corners of the Pizzaplex, with at least 2 new full-size animatronics joining the stage alongside two smaller, more compact bots. Roxanne Wolf and Montgomery Gator seem to have replaced the Foxy and Bonnie animatronics of the older games, with Chica and Freddy staying with their updated ‘Glamrock’ appearances. The other two completely new bots, so far only known as the Sun and Moon Animatronics, are shown to be much smaller than their stagebound counterparts, possibly hinting at them being able to chase Gregory into smaller areas than the other animatronics.

FNaF Security Breach 3
Courtesy of Scott Cawthorn and Steel Wool Studios
FNaF Security Breach 4
Courtesy of Scott Cawthorn and Steel Wool Studios

(A shot showing Chica chasing the player in a kitchen, compared to a shot of the Moon Animatronic crawling down a slide after Gregory)

As of now, nearly all the animatronics have clear malicious intent with Gregory, with the interesting exception of the titular star of the show, Glamrock Freddy. It has been heavily implied by both their combined figurines and by Freddy’s words at the end of the first trailer that Glamrock Freddy will actually be working to aid in protecting Gregory, with the figurine hiding Gregory inside of his chest plate. The words spoken at the end of the trailer support this statement, with Freddy telling Gregory to “Be still,” worried that “she” may have found them.

FNaF Security Breach 5
Courtesy of Scott Cawthorn and Steel Wool Studios

And last but not least, we know of one final antagonistic animatronic featured in the most recent trailer. In the last couple seconds of the trailer, a sharp animatronic hand can be seen reaching out bathed in a soft purple glow. With its strange, almost-rotting exterior and purple highlights, the current fan theory is that this is the physical form of Glitchtrap, aka William Afton, aka the virus that infected FNaF VR, and the voice guiding Vanny towards kidnapping and harming children. However, with Steel Wool Studio still holding all the cards close to their chest, we’ll just have to wait for the full release (or another trailer) to find out more.

FNaF Security Breach 6
Courtesy of Scott Cawthorn and Steel Wool Studios

(the last shot of the unknown animatronic in the PS5 Gameplay Trailer)

The Five Nights at Freddy’s fan community is alive and well, having an absolute blast dissecting the trailers and teasers for Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. For a more in-depth analysis of the trailer and each character in particular, I would highly recommend checking out the fan wiki, as it has been indispensable for researching these kinds of articles. In addition, there are a number of very helpful and informative YouTube channels such as SuperHorrorBro which do an excellent job of providing reasoning and visual explanations beyond the scope of this article, so if you want to learn even more, feel free to check out his video on the trailer here. Until then, I’ll just be grabbing as many loose batteries as I can find, because you know they’re always in short supply in these kinds of games…

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