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FlyQuest’s Johnsun: “As a team right now, we’re not playing so well”

Week One of the League of Legends Championship series has come and gone, and for FlyQuest, the team concluded its first week of play with a win against TSM and losses against Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid. Syft caught up with FlyQuest bot laner Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen to discuss his biggest takeaways of the week. 

FlyQuest’s Johnsun: “As a team right now, we’re not playing so well” 5

Although Johnsun’s Seraphine played an integral role in FlyQuest’s win against TSM, he feels that his individual play still needs work and the team as a whole can be performing better than it is. 

Not as Good as They Can be

“As a team right now, we’re not playing so well,” Johnsun explained. “Draft-wise, we’re not preparing properly… We’re just not setting ourselves up to play well, which, alongside our individual mistakes, is why these games are pretty hard.” 

Johnsun4 1
Image courtesy of Riot Games

FlyQuest’s active offseason resulted in a complete roster overhaul, picking up star players Eric “Licorice” Ritchie and Brandon Joel “Josedeodo” Villegas, along with rookies David “Diamond” Bérubé and Cristian “Palafox” Palafox. As it stands, the team is loaded with potential, but as Johnsun explained, they’re just not playing at the level they can be. 

The bot laner mentioned that while the team does struggle in the drafting phase, the current issues extend beyond pick-ban. “Draft does give you a big advantage, but most of the time, we just need to play better across the board. In our Team Liquid game, we traded an objective for a bigger objective, which is obviously a bad trade, and that stuff shouldn’t happen.” 

Speaking of his individual performance, Johnsun thinks he’s just not playing at the level he should be. “I think I just need to play better. I could’ve got a kill or two I flashed earlier, stuff like that.” Johnsun also mentioned that he needs to work on being more active in the in-game comms. “For my own part, I want to try to be more vocal on some macro stuff.” 

Despite the struggles, FlyQuest was still able to pull out a much-needed win against TSM. “We were doing not so hot in scrims,” Johnsun explained, “But after Day One, it was like a breath of fresh air, because our scrims didn’t represent how we played on stage.”

Josedeodo’s Presence

Image courtesy of Riot Games

“Josedeodo’s impact was for sure noticeable,” Johnsun said of his teammate.

After being considered one of the best players in the LLA and after his surprisingly impressive showing at Worlds, the arrival of Josedeodo in North America brought with it a ton of fanfare. Now, after just one week, the jungler is already proving to be worth the hype. 

Not only did he play well individually, but Johnsun explained that Josedeodo makes the entire team better as a whole. “Our team just functions better because it’s easier to communicate with the jungler.” 

Josedeodo pulled out three picks in three games, playing Hecarim, Taliyah and Udyr. Even in FlyQuest’s losses, the jungler still looked impressive, proactively finding plays across the map.

Who are the Top Teams?

Image courtesy of FlyQuest

While Johnsun doesn’t quite think his team slots into the top five, based on the games he has seen so far, he has a pretty good idea of who the team teams are. “For first place, it’s for sure C9,” Johnsun said. “Second place is TL, and third place is 100 Thieves.” 

Cloud9 and 100 Thieves currently sit atop the standings at 3-0, with Team Liquid trailing behind at 2-1 after its upset loss against Immortals. 

“Forth is Evil Geniuses and I think Immortals are not bad, so I can put Immortals fifth.” 

FlyQuest is entering Week Two sitting at 1-2. After a tough first week, the team has arguably an even tougher schedule coming up, with matches against 100 Thieves, CLG and Cloud9. The LCS resumes on Friday at 6 p.m. ET with 100 Thieves facing off against Johnsun and FlyQuest.

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