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Florida Mutineers Top Los Angeles Guerillas In Opening Match of Super Week

Week two of the Call of Duty League had to be postponed due to weather conditions and the league officials announced a revised schedule under the name of Super Week. Today, Super Week started with the competition between the Florida Mutineers and Los Angeles Guerillas. The Mutineers got the win by a score of 3-1.

Mutineers over Guerillas 1
Photo courtesy of Florida Mutineers

Game 1 – Hardpoint

The Los Angeles Guerillas had a strong start to the series. The LA representative won the first Hardpoint map with the huge help of Vivid. Vivid bursted into prominence by securing 33 kills. Silly followed him with 27, but he was more active on tactical moves and finished the first game with a 4,140 score. On the Florida Mutineers side, Skyz tried his best with 27 kills but it wasn’t near enough as the Guerillas won the first map 250-133.

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

Game two was a nail-biting SnD. The Mutineers started strong and got the lead, but the Los Angeles Guerillas weren’t done yet. Both teams were, but the Mutineers increased the gap and won the second game 6-3 to even the series to 1-1. Owakening showed a monstrous performance by securing 11 kills and dropping only five times. His average damage per round was 225.89 which equals to almost two players combined from the Guerillas’ side.

Game 3 – Control

The third game was like a replica of the second. Both teams started strong, but this time, the Los Angeles Guerillas fought till the end. The score was 2-2 and tension was getting higher before the last round. The Florida Mutineers once again came out strong and closed out the game by winning the map 3-2. Owakening was really impressive with his 31-kill performance, and this time, he received a huge 29-kill help from Skyz. Vivid tried to carry his team with 30 kills, but it wasn’t enough.

Game 4 – Hardpoint

The last game was Hardpoint once again. The Los Angeles Guerillas were the better team in the beginning. After reaching 120 points, the Guerillas lost the control and gave the command of the game to Mutineers. Florida remained in the driver seat until the last minute and won the game 250-172. This time, Skyz and Neptune were the ones who stepped up, combining for 55 kills.

The Florida Mutineers secured its first win of the season by defeating the Los Angeles Guerillas. On the other hand, the Guerillas faced their second loss of the season and are sitting at the ninth spot. 

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