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Florida Mutineers Move Neptune To The Starting Roster

Florida Mutineers announced its full roster before the Call of Duty Kick-off Classic event. The four-man roster was announced as Skyz, Owakening, Slacked and Havok. Mutineers signed Neptune as the fifth man on the roster. As I have covered earlier, Neptune has a big potential and it seems like the Mutineers also think the same. From now on, we will be seeing Neptune in the starting roster and Havok on the bench.

Florida Mutineers 1
Photo courtesy of Florida Mutineers

Neptune has shown some decent performances before joining the Florida Mutineers. He competed for different organizations in CDC and other amateur tournaments. It was not surprising to see him getting picked up by a Call of Duty League team.

For more information about Neptune, you can check my previous article about him here.

Neptune substitute
Photo courtesy of Florida Mutineers

On the other hand, Havok was benched after this change. Havok had great career before joining the Mutineers and played for organizations like Cloud9, Team Envy, compLexity, Evil Geniuses and Gen.G. However, the 22-year-old SMG Slayer’s career was not enough to stay in the starting roster. 

We saw the new roster against Atlanta FaZe on Saturday. The Mutineers managed to pick up the victory and looked pretty decent, however, this was only a show match and the real games will load up in February.

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