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Florida Mutineers Eliminate Seattle Surge In First Round of CDL Stage 1 Major

The 2021 Call of Duty League Stage 1 Major continued with Florida Mutineers-Seattle Surge competition. At first, we all expected a nail-biting five-game series, but Skyz and Owakening had different plans. The Florida Mutineers took over their opponent in four games and advanced in the tournament.

Florida over Seattle Round 1 1
Photo courtesy of Florida Mutineers

Game 1 – Hardpoint

Competition was at its peak point during the first game of the series as both teams were close for the win. Tension was really high, but Owakening and his friends on Florida managed to clinch the first game. Owakening had a wonderful 32-kill performance and Neptune had the biggest support to him with 28 kills. On the Surge side, the team play was the name of the game as all the players had similar kills.

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

The Florida Mutineers started the game strong, but the Seattle Surge took on the wheel from that point. The Surge won consecutive rounds and got closer to game point; however, Florida Mutineers make it easy. Skyz and Neptune carried their team to an 11th round, where Octane put the final exclamation point on the map with a clutch kill and led his team to victory. Lonny grabbed 13 kills and maintained a score of 1,640.

Game 3 – Control

The Seattle Surge looked lost during the Control map. They couldn’t contest the Mutineers throughout the game, which resulted in a sweep. Owakening had 20 kills as he literally 1v4’d the whole map and helped his team to get to the match point. Seattle Surge’s Control performance was really poor as the map ended in only 6 minutes.

Game 4 – Hardpoint

The Mutineers started the last map with a strong performance and increased the gap in early stages. However, the Seattle Surge didn’t want the series to end with a one-sided Hardpoint, gaining some control in mid-game; however, this didn’t continue for a long time as the Florida Mutineers regained and won the map 250-157. Skyz had a monstrous 32-kill performance, earning him a lot of praise on Twitter. Skyz’s score was 8,065, which is more than Seattle Surge’s total team score.

The Florida Mutineers advanced to the second round and they will take on the Paris Legion. Bad news for the Seattle Surge fans, you will have to wait for the second stage in order to see your team perform again.

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