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Florida Mutineers Announces Sponsorship Deal with ASUS ROG

Just like in every other business sector, esports organizations and close companies often make agreements with each other. The latest agreement announcement has been made by the Call of Duty League team Florida Mutineers. According to the announcement, ASUS ROG will be supplying the team with hardware throughout this year.

Florida Mutineers
Photo courtesy of Call of Duty League/Florida Mutineers

Actually, the agreement was made between Misfits Gaming and ASUS ROG. Since Misfits Gaming is the parent company for Mutineers, the deal concerns both teams. According to the agreement, ASUS ROG will be providing Florida Mutineers with hardware such as laptops. In return, Florida Mutineers will post social media content throughout the 2021 season. It looks like a profitable agreement for both sides.

Hardware and general components are so important for pro gamers. Using the best fit for the best performance usually comes in handy. Florida Mutineers’ agreement with ASUS ROG is an example of this matter. ASUS ROG is known with its quality product so the team wanted to make sure all the players have quality hardware.

ASUS ROG is the gaming branch of the famous computer hardware company ASUS. The company produces stuff like laptops, motherboards, graphics cards, monitors, headsets, keyboards, mouses and much more. ROG is an abbreviation for “Republic of Gamers.”

Republic of Gamers
Photo courtesy of Misfits Gaming

Florida Mutineers is a serious contender in the new season according to many fans. If they manage to win the trophy, ASUS ROG will have its best deal ever!

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