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First 4 Weeks of LPL: LNG and EDG Supremacy

LPL’s Summer Split started with insane performances from EDG and LNG. Both teams looked so strong in the first three weeks of action and demolished all their opponents, but things changed in the fourth week.

Top Esports and Rare Atom stepped up to stop LNG and EDG. It looks like the 2021 LPL Summer Split will be full of surprises as things will get much more interesting in the upcoming weeks.

Courtesy of Riot Games

LNG Esports made a huge roster improvement before the 2021 season by acquiring former LCK jungler Tarzan. Tarzan used to be one of the best junglers in the scene and there are many fans who still believe that. He mostly picked potential carry champions like Diana, Xin Zhao, and Rumble and showed his talents against well-known opponents such as Tian, Wei, and many more. On top of Tarzan’s dominance, LNG’s other pieces are also important contributors. Ale, Icon, Light and Iwandy are playing their best to help Tarzan and the organization.

On the other hand, EDward Gaming has been a regular-season beast since the start of the 2021 season. Just like the previous split, Viper and his friends put up incredible KDA’s with superb gameplan on top. EDG failed to complete the run last split after getting eliminated in playoffs, but this time it looks even more impressive and consistent. 

Lastly, Rare Atom and Oh My God are the indisputable surprises of the split. Rare Atom is sitting at six wins and a single loss whereas OMG has five wins and two defeats. RA showed some promising performances last split, but OMG has been the real deal considering its previous split performance in general. RNG’s disastrous start is also another aspect to look at.

With all of that said, the LPL will be even more fun to watch with the competitive spirit that has been growing with surprising performances from different teams. 

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