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Finding Your Gaming Group

While there are plenty of games out there which you can play solo, there’s something exceptionally wonderful about finding a group of people you can enjoy gaming with. Finding your gaming group can take some work, but once you find the people you love to hang out and play games with, you’ll find that your gaming experience is that much more rewarding. Read on for some tips on how to find some gaming friends to make building your gaming group that much easier. 

Finding Your Gaming Group
Finding Your Gaming Group 5

Finding Gaming Gems In Your Current Friend Group

The best place to start when it comes to searching for your gaming group is your current circle of friends. You might learn that some of your best friends have been gamers all along, and you just hadn’t found out yet. If you find gamers who you’re already close with, it will be that much easier to ease into gaming, learning the ins and outs of the gaming community from people who already know a lot about you. 

Gaming Group
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You might think that if your friends were gamers, you would know it by now, but that’s not necessarily the case. Since gaming is often a solo activity, it’s not something everyone shares without prompting. If you’re hoping that some of your friends are gamers, or even wondering if some of them would be interested in learning about gaming with you, it never hurts to put the word out.

Gaming Groups Around Your City

If you’re looking to expand beyond your current group to find gaming friends, searching for gaming groups and stores devoted to gaming around your city is your next move. Often, you’ll find that stores devoted to gaming and gaming culture host game nights and will help connect you with gamers in your area.

Gaming Group
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If you already have a favorite gaming hangout spot, that’s a great place to start. If not, dropping in at any gaming store will be a great jumping off point for finding a new group, and potentially finding people who live in your area who would want to get together outside of the group as well. The possibilities here are endless for expanding your gaming circle.

Get In With Online Gaming Groups

And to expand beyond your immediate area entirely, online gaming and gaming groups on social media can help you find gaming friends from all around the world. Whenever you’re gaming online or reaching out to people on social media, remember to put safety first. It’s a great place to make friends, but don’t jump into it blindly, and don’t give out your personal information online. 

You should always be safe online, but safety doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to people and find new friends in the gaming community. Just like meeting someone new in-person requires caution, meeting people online should be done with care, though it can be just as good of an opportunity for new gaming friends as going to a gaming store or tournament. 

Gaming Group
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Like most activities in life, gaming can be much more of a rewarding experience if you have a good group of friends to game with. These three options and many others in the same vein are all great ways to build up your gaming group and find even more joy in gaming.

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