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Clip of the Day: FaZe Jarvis STUNS the Universe with Knockout Victory!!

FaZe Up, lights out! That moment when FaZe Jarvis slept TikTok star Michael Le and hit him with the sitchoassdown. 😂

FaZe Jarvis
Courtesy of FaZe Jarvis

On Saturday, June 12, 14 of the hottest YouTubers and TikTokers squared off in a star-studded boxing event dubbed “Battle of the Platforms.” With so much star power in one venue on the same night, there were sure to be at least a couple buzzworthy headlines by the end of the festivities—and the event did not disappoint. But perhaps the most noteworthy headline of them all came courtesy of one FaZe Jarvis, who tucked TikToker Michael Le in bed and told him “sweet dreams” as he dropped him on his keister via KO early in the second round.


From Fortnite to Fight Night, the 19-year-old FaZe superstar sent ripples through the entire YouTube and TikTok communities with a thunderous right cross that connected better than this ball upside FaZe Bank’s dome.

The boxing event was a total spectacle, with over 20,000 in attendance and performances from the likes of rap superstars Migos, DJ Khaled, and Lil Baby. The evening featured seven marquee matchups pitting YouTube and TikTok stars against one another to duke it out for bragging rights and brand supremacy. Team YouTube dominated the night, securing victories in five of the bouts.

But it was Jarvis of FaZe Clan who left on the highest of highs, “smokin’ on that TikTok pack” by the end of the night and fulfilling his prophesied W in grand fashion in the process.

On the evening of June 12, 2021, the history books will forever reflect how the man we affectionately know as lil’ Jarvis left the Hard Rock Stadium as the big dawg.

FaZe Up.

Check out the two part documentary of Jarvis’s journey to his epic victory below!

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