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FaZe Clan Welcomes Batman to Fortnite

FaZe Clan
Courtesy of FaZe Clan and DC

FaZe Clan has a long history of hosting awesome events and Fortnite tournaments such as the recent FaZe Sway: Fortnite Zone Wars Tournament powered by G FUEL and this January’s FaZe City Cup collaboration with the Manchester City Football Club. Now comes a new and exciting collaboration with none other than DC Comics. With the forthcoming Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point x FaZe Clan Deathrun, a week-long event, Fortnite players will be able to upload videos of themselves completing the deathrun.

FaZe Clan
Courtesy of Epic Games and DC

The event will celebrate the release of DC’s six-issue limited comic book series, Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point. Co-written by the Chief Creative Officer at Epic Games, Donald Mustard and Christos Gage, with art by Reilly Brown, the series tells of Gotham’s iconic caped crusader finding himself pulled through a tear in reality.

After landing in the world of Fortnite with no memory of who he is, Batman will “come face-to-face with the likes of Renegade Raider, Fishstick, Bandolier and more.” Available now at comic book stores everywhere, as well as via the DC Universe Infinite digital platform, each print issue comes with “a redeemable code for a digital cosmetic in Fortnite including a Harley Quinn Outfit, a Batman Glider, Catwoman Grappling Claw Pickaxe and more.” The official press release from DC and FaZe Clan also reports that “fans who redeem all six codes will unlock a new Armored Batman Zero Outfit.”

FaZe Clan
Courtesy of Epic Games and DC

Submissions for the event are currently open and go through Monday, June 7 with the winner being announced on Tuesday the 8th. In order to enter, “contestants may submit their fastest speedrun times” on FaZe Clan’s landing page. Furthermore, as a part of the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point x FaZe Clan Deathrun programming, “FaZe Nate Hill, a top-ranked and professional Fortnite player, will host a special stream of the deathrun map” Thursday, June 3 at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT on Twitch.

FaZe Clan
Courtesy of Epic Games and DC

Descriptions of the deathrun indicated that Batman won’t be the only familiar figure from the DC universe to appear in the world of Fortnite. As the official press release puts it, participating fans of both Fornite and Batman alike will be able to experience “the Caped Crusader facing off against Fortnite champions on the Island,

in a desperate attempt to save not only himself, but other familiar faces from the DCU…and perhaps the Multiverse itself!” all while uncovering “secrets never before revealed in game or anywhere else!” Given the success of FaZe Clan’s most recent event with FaZe Sway in which eight teams competed on a custom Zone Wars map to win a prize pool of $25,000, the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point x FaZe Clan Deathrun is sure to be a huge hit. 

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