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FaZe Clan ‘Smeags’ all over XSET to Advance in Valorant Masters

Playing with newfound coordination which facilitated its flagship aggression, FaZe Clan dominated XSET 2-0 to advance to the Upper Bracket Semifinals of the first Valorant Masters tournament. 

FaZe over XSET 1 1
Courtesy of Valorant Champions Tour

FaZe Clan superstar Andrej “babybay” Francisty’s new favorite word, “smeag,” describes the aggression that FaZe uses to overwhelm and suffocate their opponents. This series was pretty much FaZe Clan smeaging all over XSET, which just didn’t have the confidence to formulate a response. 

Smeagin All Over ‘Em

FaZe over XSET 2 1
Courtesy of FaZe Clan

This series was brutal for XSET fans, but insanely hyped and entertaining for Faze Clan’s. Fans saw superstars babybay and Corey “corey” Nigra run circles around XSET, which just didn’t have any answers. 

Knowing FaZe Clan likes to play aggressive, XSET came into the day with the mentality to play safe, and wait out the FaZe aggression. But when the aggression came, there was nothing XSET could do. All the duels, entries and frags were all being won by FaZe. This visibly destroyed the confidence of XSET, which continued playing safe and continued to get punished because of it. The series then ended before XSET was able to adapt. 

Babybay was absolutely feeling himself, popping off and getting to XSET from a new angle seemingly every time. Babybay’s unrelenting aggression, which has been heavily punished in the past, was unstoppable this series. The coordination and teamwork from FaZe was beautiful, and babybay was very much able to pop off because of the facilitation by his teammates. 

At the end of the day, it was a win for FaZe which largely came from forcing duels and flexing their mechanical prowess, AKA “smeagin,” a style FaZe is known to play. But what separated this FaZe Clan from past versions was its aggressive play was facilitated by coordination and teamwork. 

Coach Trippy Diff

The acquisition of head coach Thomas “Trippy” Schappy has coincided with the emergence of this newfound coordination and teamwork from FaZe. 

FaZe Clan is a team known for getting very aggressive, but in tournaments past, its aggression was known for getting punished. But now with coach Trippy, the players facilitate each other and coordinate with one another. This has really facilitated the aggression of FaZe Clan, which fans saw dominate XSET today. 

Whenever babybay got a little too aggressive and put himself in an awkward spot, Zachary “ZachaREEE” Lombardo was there to bail him out with some utility. FaZe’s utility usage was excellent, and combined with its relentless and unpredictable aggression, FaZe Clan looked like an emerging favorite to take home the first-ever Valorant Masters title. 

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