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FaZe Clan Partners With Totino’s, Goes Halfsies on a Boat

You can be from anywhere. You can have any race, religion, or sexual orientation; physicality, mentality, or spirituality; or ethnicity, identity, or culture. You can do anything— you are infinite, floating on stardust, levitating in-between two poles of the biggest blue-marble-miracle this galaxy’s ever seen. You are.

But you can only be one of two people. You can either be someone who loves Totino’s, or you can be someone who’s never tried Totino’s.

The world’s favorite pizza roll seems to have met its match. It was just announced that the all-star microwavable snack food / existential anchor has just partnered with FaZe Clan. Hot off a string of collaborations with Xbox, Seth Rogen, and even Takashi Murakami, the gaming organization and lifestyle brand is now sinking its teeth into something even hotter: Totino’s.

The gaming / snack food dream team announced their pairing with a new FaZe Clan / Totino’s content series hosted by Lil Yachty, aka “FaZe Boat.'” It’ll feature special guests like FaZe Temperrr, FaZe Adapt, and FaZe Rug, and they’ll all be living large on a decked-out yacht in Marina Del Rey. The boat boys will take turns each episode participating in classic yacht activities like fishing, cooking, and white whale hunting (OK, probably not the last one.) All the while, they’ll be enjoying Totino’s Pizza Rolls.

They just can’t wait to get their hands on those piping hot balls of cheesy, saucy dough. Courtesy of FaZe Clan

The FaZe team couldn’t be more excited. “We are really thrilled to be partnering with Totino’s and launching this fun and exciting content series,”
said Jeff Pabst, FaZe Clan Chief Revenue Officer. “At FaZe we are always looking for innovative and organic ways to integrate our talent with brands, and to have this content series anchored by Lil Yachty with special appearances by FaZe talent is a perfect example of that.”

“Totino’s Pizza Rolls are the ultimate gaming snack, so we are thrilled to partner with FaZe to create this content series for our shared audiences,” said Taylor Roseberry, Brand Experience Manager for Totino’s. “FaZe Clan will bring to life the fun, spontaneous nature of the Totino’s brand as they compete with
each other in various challenges and enjoy our poppable pizza rolls – the perfect streaming snack.”

As more details about the Totino’s / FaZe Clan collaboration come to light, it feels like the sky has opened up and the heavens have gifted us newfound youth. Gone are the worries of yesterday and here are the fervid, impassioned anticipations of today, the quivers of our hearts and souls, the treasures of our very cores. Here is the news that Lil Yachty will flourish onboard the S.S. Totino’s & FaZe Clan. And here is electric, radiant, indescribable calm. And Totino’s.

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