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FaZe Clan Launches Takashi Murakami Jersey, Merch

The dynamic team over at FaZe Clan has done it once again, ladies and gentlemen. Following nicely in an impressive string of collaborations with the biggest names in entertainment— G FUEL, Xbox, and Seth Rogen, to name a few— the organization has secured a new partnership which will expand its reach even further. Artist extraordinaire Takashi Murakami has developed a series of custom FaZe designs to be featured for sale exclusively on the NTWRK app. What’s more, they look siiiiiiiiiiick.

FaZe Clan
Courtesy of FaZe Clan, Takashi Murakami

Yesterday, FaZe tweeted out Murakami’s take on the collaboration, and the landmark artist had nothing but kind words. He began by reminiscing on the venerated collaboration between Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat as an “embodiment of the situation of [its] time.” From there, he suggested that his upcoming collaboration would do the same, melding a generational divide and establishing a fresh artistic landscape.

The collaboration also continues Murakami’s postmodern “superflat” style, which blends high and low arts.

Those on the FaZe side were thrilled to announce the project. FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink explained, All of us at FaZe are humbled by Takashi Murakami’s decision to collaborate with us on this special project. To work with an iconoclast, visionary, and cultural seer is an honor. Myself and many members of FaZe have admired Takashi Murakami’s work and the impact he’s had on culture for years. We’re grateful that he has trusted us to shepherd his artwork into the gaming community, which we see as a historic moment for FaZe Clan and all of gaming.

FaZe Clan
Courtesy of FaZe Clan, Takashi Murakami

The collaboration will drop on NTWRK on June 28 at 12PM PDT. Some time afterwards— maybe two years, maybe 10— art and media historians alike will cherish the project as a monument to a fundamentally evolved entertainment landscape.

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