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FaZe Clan Acquires The Peeps, Enters Rocket League Scene

As fans from all over the world today tuned into the Verizon 5G Ultra Cup, their streams were hijacked by a breaking announcement: FaZe Clan has acquired The Peeps, marking FaZe’s official entry into Rocket League.

Courtesy of FaZe Clan

“We are so proud of our esports teams dominating in 2021,” said FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink and Head of Esports Erik Anderson in a press release. “We’ve been looking at Rocket League for years now and love what Psyonix has been doing. We hope our fans are just as excited as we are that the day is finally here as we welcome The Peeps to FaZe Clan!”

After the announcement video, FaZe Clan’s The Peeps immediately went to work, playing their debut game against Version1. The press release stated that FaZe Clan will also compete at 2:10pm PDT today against Spacestation Gaming, which will also be streamed via the official Rocket League Twitch channel.

The Peeps are comprised of players AyyJayy, Gyro and Allushin, headed by coach Moopy, and acquired after a great deal of hard work. The team launched a recent social media campaign, “#PickUpThePeeps,” in hopes of being picked up by a larger esports organization; soon after, they were acquired by FaZe Clan and became FaZe’s first-ever Rocket League team.

To commemorate this occasion, FaZe Clan will release two limited-edition hoodies which come in red and blue and feature both FaZe Clan and The Peeps’ logos. They cost $65 and are available now through Sunday at

FaZe’s acquisition of The Peeps and subsequent entry into Rocket League marks FaZe’s ninth competitive team in the organization’s esports division. This news comes after a successful year for FaZe, which hosted a Call of Duty: Cold War Launch tournament as well as its internationally popular FaZe 5 recruitment challenge.

This story is still breaking. As more information becomes available, the article will be updated.

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