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FaZe 5 x Among Us: Top 20 Crewmates

In some ways, the #FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge is similar to this summer’s smash hit social deduction game Among Us, with crewmates/contestants completing a specific set of tasks and challenges as the game moves forward. At this stage of “the game,” 20 chosen crewmates have avoided ejection and represented FaZe 5 in its final round. One major difference, however, is that in this lobby there are not one, not two or even three, but five imposters among us.

FaZe 5 Among Us
FaZe 5 x Among Us: Top 20 Crewmates 2

The past few months have been a wild ride, starting with over 200,000 hopefuls all chasing the same dream. Before we enter the last week of the year and the long-awaited week when the winners of FaZe 5 are revealed, let us take one final look at all of the remaining crewmates.

Here is a brief look at the 20 FaZe 5 finalists among us who’ve successfully completed all of the tasks given to them by FaZe to make it to stage 3. Of these 20 prospects, five imposters will sabotage the system to become the newest recruits to FaZe Clan.

Who has your vote?

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