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Fall Guys is Adding Doom skins for a limited time

Fall Guys seems to be taking my advice and adding more content. A teaser trailer was released that shows off some super dope Doom skins for your lovable bean character. The game has already featured crossovers with other brands such as Sonic the Hedgehog and even Mr. Beast.

Fall Guys
Courtesy of Mediatonic

A teaser trailer was released which shows off three Doom-based skins for your character. They are coming January 12 for a limited time so make sure you do not miss out on the fun!

Check out this video of the costumes from Fall Guys compared to the costumes of the real game. They actually look pretty alike. People seem to be actually really excited for this release which is a good thing for Fall Guys if they want to start getting back to the number of players they once had. Continuing to have cool simple releases like this is a great start to accomplish just that.

That is really all the information I have on the subject right now. I expect to see Fall Guys continue to pump out content, and the easiest content to create is skins. So be ready to hopefully see a ton of new skins coming out after the Doom release.I truly do not know if Fall Guys will be able to dig themselves out of this rut they have found themselves in. We will just have to wait and see how the fans like the new content they put out.

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