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Excel Esports Turns Things Around in LEC with Clutch Roster Change

Excel Esports has been one of the weakest teams since LEC’s 2019 season and its biggest achievement so far is the seventh place it got in 2020 Spring and 2020 Summer. We haven’t seen the team in the playoffs yet, but things may change this split with coach Youngbuck’s genius roster move. Youngbuck promoted jungler Markoon and support Advienne to the LEC roster by demoting Dan and Denyk to the academy, and it turned out to be a great move considering Excel’s 2-0 week.

Excel Esports
Courtesy of Riot Games

Excel Esports was the target of criticism after acquiring Nukeduck. Nukeduck has been criticized a lot for his performance, but he proved everyone wrong in this split. Even though Nukeduck played better than before, Excel Esports still needed a much bigger upgrade in the roster to get more wins. Coach Youngbuck took all the responsibility and made a clutch roster move to turn things around. 

Excel Esports
Courtesy of Excel Esports

The 19-year-old jungler, Markoon, didn’t have any LEC experience, but he shined in his first week with Volibear and Lee Sin. Before joining Excel Esports, he played for respected ERL teams such as KlikTech, UCAM Esports Club, and G2 Arctic. With his performance in Excel Academy, he deserved to be on the LEC roster.

Excel’s other roster move consisted of academy support Advienne. Just like Markoon, the young support player didn’t have any LEC experience before this week. Advienne played for Ad Hoc Gaming, Godsent, and BIG previously. 

According to Nemesis, Excel’s coach Youngbuck and jungler Dan were great friends and that was the reason Dan found a contract in LEC, but even if it is true, Youngbuck didn’t put his friendship before the organization’s success. Nemesis said this in one of his streams.

With that said, Excel may get to the playoffs for the first time in its history this season. Of course, we need to wait and observe the team’s synergy in upcoming performances.

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