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Evil Geniuses Defeats PSG.LGD To Secure Singapore Major Grand Final Spot

ONE Esports Singapore Major Day 8’s first upper bracket match was between Evil Geniuses and PSG.LGD. Both teams showed amazing performances in the first two games while the third game in the series was each team trying to outdo the other in throwing the game. Regardless, in a weirdly entertaining series, Evil Geniuses secured a 2-1 win against PSG.LGD

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Courtesy of PSG.LGD

Game 1

LGD picked Death Prophet and Monkey King. Evil Geniuses picked Viper for “iceiceice” as a counter to the MK. LGD’s late-game draft was neatly countered by the lane-pressuring draft of EG. EG secured an early-game lead with Iceiceice’s Viper zoning out “Ame”’s MK to the Jungle, while Puck popped off in the mid lane.

Mid lane was even until a fourth-minute double kill for Puck. On the back of multiple bottle refills, a DD rune and Snowball saves, “Abed”’s Puck was all over the map, dominating every fight. EG had a nice 3k gold lead by the end of the laning phase.

EG won every fight where they killed the Lina, LGD’s only egg hitter, before Supernova was used. Building on its lead, EG invaded LGD’s jungle, getting key pickoffs time and time again to force LGD to its base by the 20-minute mark.

EG picked off Lina and MK multiple times in their own jungle. After a 27-minute team wipe on LGD, EG had pretty secured itself a win with a 14k gold lead. It was only a matter of another lost fight before PSG.LGD called GG.

Cr1t’s Tusk and Abed’s Puck got the deserved MVPs. They were instrumental in kiting LGD throughout the game, baiting LGD’ spells and players, and saving themselves and their teammates with near-perfect spell usage. Abed finished 11/0/14.

Game 2

The second game had one of the most unconventional picks coming from PSG.LGD. They picked a Phantom Assassin, Gyrocopter and Beastmaster against a Tidehunter Void Spirit and an Alchemist. Things were looking grim from the draft.

Iceiceice’s Tide was soloing top while Arteezy’s Alchemist got the freest game of his life. He had three kills and a pre-nine-minute Battlefury. Ame’s PA was uncontested but had no way of contesting the Alchemist’s farm.

LGD was losing the early game with a 5k gold deficit until a minute-16 team fight sparking the flames of a comeback. PA crit-killed KoTL in one dagger. EG didn’t have Ravage or Chemical Rage for the fight, allowing Ame to sweep EG, securing the Aegis.

EG managed to pop Ame’s Aegis soon after, but had no answer for his second life. Ame swept EG once again, reducing EG’s erstwhile 6k-plus gold lead to a mere 1k.

Ame made up for the last game with his flawless reactions, team fight positions, target prioritization and the help of his teammates. LGD secured a game-changing fight at the 24-minute mark, securing itself the second Rosh of the game, marking the first time that LGD took the gold lead.

Ame’s Godlike streak continued. With hopes dwindling, Arteezy picked up the last resort Rapier at 33 minutes. A minute later, EG picked off the PA in a nasty fight, even committing two buybacks to save the Rapier after Arteezy died.

LGD secured the Aegis after Ame spawned. Realizing the dire straits they were in, EG contested LGD in the Rosh pit, but were slaughtered by Ame. EG called GG the moment Arteezy’s Alchemist fell at Ame’s hands. Ame secured the match MVP with a score of 15-2-2.

Game 3

EG went back to getting Arteezy a more active safelaner, while PSG went for the PA again. EG countered PSG’s Panolier with a Bloodseeker pick. Overall, EG’s draft was very team fight oriented and unconventional. Abed’s Storm didn’t have any counter in terms of stuns or hexes. EG’s draft was looking good.

Image 1 1
Courtesy of ONE Esports

The game was going slowly right until ABed got an Orchid on his Storm getting pickoffs whenever they could. Ame’s game sense prevailed to save him from multiple attempts on his life as he farmed his Desolator and BKB.

Abed got an Aegis at 17 minutes, helping EG secure most outer towers, but EG’s gold lead was barely 2k. LGD was playing it super safe until Ame got his BKB, and Abed’ds Aegis expired, not caring about losing towers till they were confident about a fight. EG brought a fight to LGD’s base, snatching two kills and getting its first T3 tower right as the Aegis was expiring.

EG finally caught Ame in the midlane at 25 minutes, stunning him and bringing him low before he could get his BKB off, but it took EG a long time to kill the PA because of Blur. EG managed to extend its lead to 6k as LGD still played slow, seemingly not very confident in its ability to win fights, as EG choked them out.

The second Aegis and Cheese came at 28 minutes. EG didn’t waste any time and pushed right in the top lane, securing a kill on Ame, who didn’t have a buyback. The game looked almost over for a second, but LGD rebuffed EG’s efforts momentarily.

EG secured a 10k gold lead with an MKB on Arteezy. Thirty-one minutes in, EG pushed through the mid lane, caching out Ame once again without buyback and securing two additional kills, which helped get the second set of rax, extending the lead to 17k. EG still played it safe, respecting LGD enough to wait for the next Roshan.

Ame’s PA was nowhere near as impactful as Game 2. Abed’s storm Spirit was unstoppable. EG had the game in the bag just as it was pushing the bottom rax where it caught Ame without a buyback again, but instead of closing the game out, the team dove fountain, losing their cores. That fight gave Ame some breathing room to finally get the Divine Rapier.

But EG’s throws were nothing in comparison to Ame’s throws as he got caught out in the mid lane trying to push a creep wave in a dangerous position. Luckily, he had buyback. Right after, Ame got caught again in the mid lane, getting ruptured and just straight up dying.

After a great Game of Throws, EG managed to land a spot in the Singapore Major Grand Finals, while PSG.LGD put itself in a tough spot in the lower bracket final against the winner of the Secret vs. IG series.

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