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Eve’s Deadliest Online Battle

A 12-hour battle took place on Eve Online just a few weeks ago, and it saw some major losses for both sides. 

Eve Online 1
Courtesy of Eve Online

Eve is all about war and politics, and during the early morning hours of New Year’s Eve, The Imperium and PAPI clans found themselves fighting for over 12 hours before both sides were cut off from battle due to server maintenance. 

The fight was over the Keepstar Space Station, which both sides stated didn’t have any strategic value. But the fight wasn’t really about taking the Keepstar or keeping it but making sure it still stood when the fight was over, as it belonged to The Imperium.  For quite some time, PAPI has been vocal about its disdain for The Imperium, and its plans for taking the clan off its throne.

Both sides brought in massive Titans that aided in the 12-hour fire-fight, and all 250 of them were completely destroyed after dealing an ungodly amount of damage. Hundreds of vessels ranging in all sizes flew to aid their respective clan in the battle, and not one side saw an edge that would pummel the other into defeat. 

Right before the server maintenance, over 12 hours into a fight that saw over $300,000 of irl money gone down the drain, both sides were hitting the fight as hard as ever. When the reports of the fight reached both sides, they both claimed themselves the victor. 

Eve Online 2 1
Courtesy of Eve Online

The Imperium was able to kill just six more fighters than the PAPI, leaving the final score at 123 to 129. However, it was the damage done by PAPI that gave it the financial win. PAPI targeted some very expensive Supercarriers and Vanquisher-class fighters that made up a good bit of the $300,000 lost in the fight, while also damaging the Keepstar Station enough to be able to finish it off at a later date. 


Nothing says “Space Pirate” like cooking up $300,000 in damages. Hundreds of players and Titans took part in the biggest Eve battle to ever happen online and was even streamed to thousands who weren’t able to participate. Since both sides are adamant they won, I don’t doubt another massive conflict between The Imperium and PAPI will take place soon. 

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