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Everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension

After several leaks, brainstorms, and official trailers, Apex Legends’ eagerly-awaited seventh season has finally come together. Named “Ascension,” the new season consists of many changes, including a new legend, a brand new map, and a battle pass alongside the improvements that were made for the Quality of Life improvement requests. Here’s everything you need to know about the new season.

Apex Legends
Photo courtesy of Apex Legends Twitter
Apex Legends1
Photo courtesy of  Electronic Arts

A year after an agreement between Steam and Origin, Apex Legends’ doors have been opened to Steam users. EA Play had been active in the Valve’s digital market within the deal and games like Titanfall and Star Wars Battlefront were put on the market. If you played Apex on Origin before and want to move to Steam with the release of the seventh season, there is no need to worry, because your progress will be carried out on the new platform without any loss. In fact, users who play the game on Steam will be given 3 gun charms by EA.

Photo courtesy of  Respawn Entertainment

The biggest alteration that came with Ascension is the brand new map, “Olympus.” Above Psamathe and clouds, Olympus was a place where intelligent people that lived in Outlands exchanged opinions. However, as a result of an experiment, an explosion occurred, the Phase Rifts were opened, and the city was abandoned. But now, the players will try to survive in the city with the gears that were left behind and the fast-travel of the Phase Runner tunnels. In the first two weeks of the new season, only Olympus will be in the map rotation. After that, World’s Edge will be added in the rotation as well. Soon enough, we will have a chance to visit Kings Canyon as well.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The new legend Horizon has entered into our lives alongside Ascension. A master of manipulating gravity, this brilliant scientist will try to be the new star of the arena. Horizon has a great control of air with her passive, and she decreases the effect of fall down with this control. The tactical ability allows her to throw a gear, which cancels out gravity, on the ground, and everyone who stands on the gear is boosted into the air. Lastly, Horizon creates a black hole which pulls toward everyone itself, with her ultimate.

Photo courtesy of  Electronic Arts

Olympus is bigger and has more layers than its predecessors. Therefore, a truck called “Trident” has been added in the game, helping players move fast on the map and engage into gunfight swiftly. Trident is the first truck in Apex Legends’ history and it has been designed to carry a whole squad. The new truck can’t be destroyed, but all the damage that is applied from enemy fire is dispersed amongst the players in the car. Good news to frag-movie makers; it’s possible to fire while sitting in the car, so you can make fantastic shots for your audience. Also, the legends’ abilities can interact with Trident.

Battle Pass
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts also brought some changes into the battle pass system. The challenges are no longer based on score; instead, players will earn between  and 5 stars depending on the difficulty of the quest. Every 10 stars will carry you to the next level in the battle pass. A new option that shows the challenges during the match has also been added.

Apex Legends2
Photo courtesy of  Respawn Entertainment

The totally new clubs system is another innovation to come with Ascension as well. With this system, users can establish a club or join a club with their friends. 

Respawn Entertainment didn’t forget to improve the quality of life. While a couple of weapons and legends received buffs, some of them had to face nerfs. Many players’ favorite R-99 got outed from Supply Drops and returned into the normal loot pool. 

You can check every alteration that was made here. But don’t just check: play! As previously stated, the battle royale game is available on Steam now, so be sure to get online and test all these changes out for yourself.

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