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Everything We Learned from Mr. Sakurai’s “Pyra/Mythra” Presentation

All Images Courtesy of Nintendo

February 17’s Nintendo Direct officially announced Xenoblade Chronicles 2 characters Pyra and Mythra were to be the newest fighters coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Today, the two-in-one fighters were accordingly presented in further detail via livestream by Super Smash Bros. director, Masahiro Sakurai, along with additional DLC inclusion information.

Fighter Performance

As in Xenoblade, Pyra and Mythra are actually two personalities within one being, something that is effectively mirrored in their Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rendition. Pyra and Mythra will essentially come in the form of one fighter, with the ability to freely swap between both personalities. While both characters perform the same general basic attacks, Pyra specializes in power and dealing high-damage whereas Mythra specializes in speed and getting in multiple hits. This means Mythra can execute basic actions faster, while Pyra’s actions are slower, yet more powerful with more reach.

Pyra’s powers are fire-centric, while Mythra’s are light-themed. Pyra can execute the Flare Smash move, a side-striking move capable of high damage and launch power. Mythra can use the move Foresight, which reduces the amount of damage taken from an attack and has a slowing effect. Both Pyra and Mythra also possess a combined six special moves, inspired by their original moves from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Pyra’s Moveset

Flame Nova – A neutral special move where Pyra executes a chargeable fire spin attack, damaging surrounding enemies. Charging this attack will also increase the number of spins and the damage dealt. Pyra may also charge this ability while approaching an opponent after a jump.

Blazing End – A side special move in which Pyra throws her sword to deal multiple hits, acting as a projectile move. Its can be changed with the flicking motion of the joystick, however this does not significantly influence the damage output. Other actions such as shield, jumping, and running can take place while this move is in execution, but Pyra will not be able to attack until it is complete. This move can be reflected.

Prominence Revolt – An up special move where Pyra jumps into the air and creates a pillar of fire upon landing. This is mainly used to return to the stage, however its launch power has very capable in KO potential. It begins with an upward slash and can result in high damage when landed. 

Mythra’s Moveset

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Lightning Buster – A neutral special move where Mythra strikes several times with her sword. This move is chargeable and will strike opponents in front of her. Charging this attack will extend the reach and even add an additional strike. 

Photon Edge – A side special move. Mythra can warp forward and unleash a flurry of strikes, but only to the side. This move can also be used for recovery. 

Ray of Punishment – An up special move where Mythra jumps into the air and unleashes an arrow of light. Mythra will slash upward into the air and then launch an arrow of light towards the ground. In addition to this, Mythra has another up special move that may activate upon holding down or repeatedly pressing the button while rising. This will perform Chroma Dust, which fires five arrows in a wide, fan-like pattern. Ray of Punishment has longer reach than Chroma Dust, but Chroma Dust will inflict more damage. Both of these attacks can be reflected. 

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Pyra and Mythra can swap freely between one another through the use of the Down + B function. This also creates a brief period of invincibility and may even be used as a dodge move. In addition to this, Pyra and Mythra also possess Final Smash attacks unique to the both of them. Rex appears in both personalities’ Final Smash cinematics. Pyra’s Final Smash move is called Burning Sword, which focuses on KOing opponents, while Mythra’s Final Smash move is called Sacred Arrow and focuses on dealing damage. 

Like all other fighters, Pyra and Mythra will also have eight different color variations each, including a palette swap appearance from one another. These color variations come in sets and cannot be changed for individual personalities. 

New Stage and Music

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In addition to Pyra and Mythra’s arrival to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, there will be a new fighting stage from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, known as the ‘Cloud Sea of Alrest’. Alrest is the home setting of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a world that floats on what is known as the Cloud Sea. Individuals and civilization live on the Titans that rule the it. This stage is chiefly set upon the Titan Azura, a.k.a. Gramps, and also Rex’s (The main protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 2) home. The stage depicts the other Titans from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as Azurda swims through the Cloud Sea. Major supporting characters will also appear in the background of the stage in their Driver and Blade pairs from the original game, such as Nia and Dromarch, and Zeke and Pandoria. The stage will be subject to changes as Azurda will move around at times. 

Along with the new stage, there will be 16 new songs from Xenoblade Chronicles, making 19 in total from the series overall to appear in Ultimate. Some of the newly added tracks include “You Will Recall Our Names” and an arrangement medley of songs from Xenoblade 2 Chronicles (Known appropriately as “Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Medley”). 

Additional Details and DLC Inclusions

Pyra and Mythra’s arrival to Smash will also see a slew of characters and new artwork from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 added to their Spirit Board. Also, for those who purchased the original Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass, they will receive a Mii Fighter costume representing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 protagonist, Rex. This costume will be for the Swordfighter Mii type. There will also be four additional new Mii fighter costumes that will be released for purchase alongside Pyra/Mythra. These include costumes from the Monster Hunter series, the Hunter Equipment Swordfighter Mii costume, the Rathalos Equipment Swordfighter Mii costume, and the Felyne hat. There will be an Arthur Swordfighter Mii costume from the Ghosts ‘N Goblins series. These costumes will be $0.75 each. 

The Pyra/Mythra Challenger Pack will be available for purchase from today for $5.99. Those who purchased Fighter Pass Vol. 2 will already have access to this fighter. 

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