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eUnited Joins VALORANT by Picking Up ex-Serenity Roster

Although VALORANT is only a six-month-old game, some regions adapted to the scene quickly as their organizations established VALORANT divisions, and North America is among those regions. As Riot Games revealed, the competitive scene of the game will get much bigger in 2021, so teams have started to increase their speed of creating a VALORANT roster as eUnited did. The well-known North American organization has entered the scene with a stacked roster.

Eunited Valorant 1
Photo courtesy of eUnited

On Jan. 11, eUnited gave a hint of the announcement by posting a silhouette similar to one of VALORANT’s agents, Omen, on its official social media channels. After giving one more indication later that day, the team revealed the squad with a video which highlights the team’s members. 

“After an explosive debut, the VALORANT esports scene is squarely in eUnited’s sights and we’ve signed a team we’re really excited to bring into the eUnited family. We are excited to once again join the Riot Games ecosystem,” the organization said in the statement.

The full roster is:

  • Joseph “TurnUp” Sicre
  • Tanner “Scourge” Klages
  • Antonio “Showtime” Angotti
  • Ryan “Eazy” Matthews
  • Joseph “Joseph” Rivera
  • Kyle “ToKacey” Stevens (Analyst)

Competing together since October, the roster first found a chance with Serenity in June. With the joining of TurnUp and Joseph to the team, the squad parted ways with their old organization right after falling in the qualifier of First Strike and continued their ways as ex-Serenity. They were looking for a new organization while participating in some B-Tier tournaments, and the squad found what they were searching for.

eUnited’s first appearance will be in Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship which will start on Jan. 13.

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