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Epic Games Announces $20 Million Prize Pool for 2021 FNCS

After an increase in backlash from the Fortnite community about decreasing prize pools, Epic Games has announced the 2021 FNCS prize pool will be $20 million, up from 2020’s mark of $17 million. 

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

A number of pros have commented on the scene’s potential downfall, citing low prize pool as a source of conflict. With the retirement of Williams “Zayt” Aubin, a veteran in the scene, pros like Bugha, Benjyfishy and Wolfiez spoke out about changes needed. 

This seems like a step in the right direction for reinvigorating the competitive scene and keeping stakes and prizes high enough to engage both professional players and the community as a whole.

The announcement also came with more details about upcoming competition, including the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 5 schedule:

Qualifier 1: Feb. 4-7
Qualifier 2: Feb. 11-14
Qualifier 3: Feb. 18-21|
Bye Week: Feb. 25-28
Semifinals: March 5-7
Reboot Round: March 12-13
Finals: March 12-14

Fortnite is also standardizing all FNCS competitions to cross-platform trios for the entire year and continuing the general format of scoring based on eliminations and placements. Here are the prize distributions by region for the current season:

EU: $1,350,000
NAE: $690,000
NAW: $300,000
BR: $300,000
ASIA: $150,000
ME: $120,000
OCE: $90,000

Changes to the actual gameplay include adding the Lever Action Shotgun and vaulting both the Rift Fish and Shockwave Grenades, among others. 

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