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Envy Defeats Gen.G in the Opening Match of North America’s Masters 1

Valorant Champions Tour North America Stage 1: Masters 1 is finally here. After three Challengers tournaments, the top eight teams of the region are set to compete against each other. In the opening match of the tournament, Envy had tough times against Gen.G but managed to grab the victory.

Envy over GenG 1
Courtesy of Riot Games


The series started in Haven as Gen.G’s pick, making it clear in the first eight rounds that it had strategies in its pocket. With the furious start, koosta and his friends abused the weak A site defense of Envy, earning six rounds from there. However, fixing the late and wrong rotations didn’t take too long for Envy. After a 6-2 disadvantage, it started to play like itself: aggressive. Taking control of the map, pushing from defensive sites and getting entry kills, Envy instantly backed on the rails and tied the match at 6-6. 

The second half of the map was a complete disaster for Gen.G Esports, with all the entry kills it gave up in defence. Envy kept the momentum, resumed its destructive playstyle and left Gen.G helpless. After the seven rounds that ended quickly, it closed out the map with a 13-6 victory.


In FPS games, people usually think that the team who picked the map should win the map, but that’s not valid for this series. Even though it was the pick of Envy, Icebox was literally owned by Gen.G thanks to its monstrous performance on defence. Unlike in Haven, Gen.G looked well prepared for its opponents. It succeeded in stopping every attack of Envy, rotated truly and quickly which gave them the key of victory. With Shawn popping off, Gen.G lost only two rounds in the first half. Having a 12-2 score disadvantage didn’t help Envy at all. Despite taking 3 more rounds in the second half, Envy lost the map and Gen.G tied the series with a 13-5 win.


The last map had a different narrative than the rest of the series. It was a great competition for the audience as fans witnessed so many crucial clutches by nearly every player. Even though Envy began the map with a lead, gMd popped off, saved his team a couple of times and went to the second half with a tie 6-6. Under the leadership of FNS, Envy managed to adapt to the game’s state of affairs, came in huge at the end of the map and won the series with a 13-10 map three victory.

Gen.G’s chance in Masters 1 isn’t over yet. It’s going to face the loser of the series between XSET and FaZe Clan in the lower bracket. Envy, on the other hand, got through the upper-bracket semifinals.

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