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Elden Ring trailer drops at E3 Summer of Games

E3 is kicking off and Elden Ring has finally made its official debut, more than two years after its initial announcement, at the end of the Summer Gamesfest.

Elden Ring
Courtesy of Bandai Namco

For those of you not already riding the hype train express for Bandai Namco’s latest Souls-like outing, Elden Ring looks to be the synthesis of what From Software achieved in the Dark Souls series— challenging gameplay, environmental narrative, and an oppressive atmospheric tone— and Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin’s pension for story telling and world building. 

For a long time, things were all but radio silent after the game’s initial announcement back at E3 2019.

However, the video game news junkies out there will remember that From Software had an internal trailer leak earlier this year which prompted speculated trailers and reveals to, well, not happen. Those with a keen eye who watched the last trailer for Elden Ring will notice that many older scenes and assets made their way to the E3 stage.

As for the trailer itself, not much new is really revealed about Elden Ring. Aside from what seems to be a confirmation of new combat abilities and a co-op/summon system seemingly similar to previous Souls-likes, the trailer dealt with mostly tone and set-up. 

Lines like, “The tarnished will soon return” and “They will fight and they die in an unending curse” seem to confirm that Elden Ring is probably more or less going to be Dark Souls 4 with George RR Martin as writing credit. 

Not that that doesn’t inspire anticipation, of course, but many other fans of the genre and I are sitting back and waiting to see what else Elden Ring brings to the table. 

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