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EG Relegates Fnatic to Lower Bracket in the Singapore Major

Evil Geniuses (EG) secured the first upper bracket series against Fnatic to proceed to upper bracket round two of the ONE Esports Singapore Major.

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Courtesy of ONE Esports

Game 1

Unexpectedly, the first game of the playoffs was a super short 26-minute affair. The game started on a fair footing with both teams breaking even in net worth until the 18-minute mark, content to farm their cores, not taking fights. Fnatic had an aggressive early-game lineup with Phoenix, Mars, Nyx and Leshrac, but chose not to take fights to EG, giving Arteezy space to farm his Battlefury (BF) by the 14-minute mark. After that, Arteezy’s Juggernaut did not let go of his top net worth spot.

Abed picked up a 16-minute aegis on his Storm Spirit. Four minutes later, EG dove Fnatic at its top Tier 3 tower, forcing its Phoenix to commit Supernova for defense. Fnatic chose to chase the withdrawing EG right as Cr1t’s Earth Spirit (ES) ult brought almost all of Fnatic to half HP, ensuring an easy demise at hands of Juggernaut’s Omnislash. Four-man down, Fantic lost its first set of tower and rax in the top lane.

Abed picked up the aegis again at 21 minutes, zipping to catch Fnatic’s Phantom Assassin in the bot lane only to find a juicy Nyx Assassin kill as a bonus, even though the duo managed to pop Abed’ aegis.

By 22 minutes, EG was unstoppable. ES, Beast and Storm had BKBs nullify Phoenix, Nyx and Leshrac. Fnatic had lost its short window of opportunity by this point. With no BKB on its PA, EG did a quick wrap-up, choking Fnatic in its base, not allowing an inch of farm.

Abed caught Mars and Leshrac in the middle lane. Shortly after, Fnatic called GG. EG took the game with a kill score of 19-9 at 26 minutes.

Game 2

EG had pretty much won the game in the draft phase with the Arteezy, Naga, Siren and Winter Wyvern picks. Cr1t’s active Mirana plays made space for the entire team. The game was even till the 15-minute mark. Just like in game one, EG took few fights, choosing to give space to Arteezy to farm on his Naga Siren. Fnatic had picked up Techies, but the hero couldn’t help them secure the game.

Raven went for a Radiance on Wraith King (WK) to counter the Naga illusions, while Jabz’s Techies netted multiple key kills on Arteezy, Abed and iceiceice to keep EG on light footing.

Things went slowly until a fight at 35 minutes forced Fnatic to commit buybacks on Tusk and Enigma to secure a losing fight. Fnatic won and secured Rosh, but Arteezy dropped an Illusionist’s Cape, strengthening his already strong hero. Combined with Abed’s True Sight Remnant talent, EG slow-sieged Fnatic’s towers, forcing Fnatic to play in its own base even with an Aegis on WK.

The only time Fnatic seemed to be making a comeback was at the 44-minute mark when Arteezy got caught. His Heart of Tarasque purchase paid dividends, keeping him alive until his team not only saved him but managed to turn the fight in EG’s favor. Both of Fnatic’s cores died without buyback as EG secured itself Mega Creeps. It was an even steeper uphill battle for Fnatic at that point.

Arteezy’s unkillable Naga got the Aegis while Fly’s Winter Wyvern got herself a Refresher Shard from the next Roshan.

EG chipped at T4s while Fnaic lost the battle of attrition against Mega Creeps and Naga illusions. Fnatic caught EG in a phenomenal blackhole, but Fly’s Wyvern quickly crushed any chances of a comeback with Winter’s Curse. Once Fnatics’ cores fell, the team called GG, losing the series 2-0 to EG.

EG will proceed to play the winner of IG vs VG matchup in round two of the upper bracket, while Fnatic moves to the lower bracket to face Neon Esports.

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