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EDward Gaming Takes Down JDG, Matches Team WE with 4 Consecutive Wins

EDward Gaming’s 2021 season continues with four consecutive wins; the team’s latest victim was JD Gaming (JDG). EDward Gaming (EDG) looked scary before entering this game, though JD Gaming was a tough opponent against them. However, EDG they didn’t have any problem closing out the series with a score of 2-0, improving its overall score to 4-0, matching Team WE in the first spot.

Photo Courtesy of EDward Gaming

Game 1

Meiko and Jiejie tried an early gank to mid lane and secured the first blood for their team. Jiejie had an active early phase, helping his solo laners a lot and getting them ahead of their opponents. It is possible to say EDward Gaming closed the game in the early phase.

Fights were one sided and JD Gaming couldn’t answer back. Even though the mid game was a little competitive, EDG didn’t struggle closing the game in 34 minutes. The Korean duo Scout and Viper carried their teammates at the late stage.

Game 2

Kanavi decided to dive into the bot lane but it didn’t go as planned. EDG got the first blood, as well as two other kills, whereas JD Gaming got away with two kills. Even though EDG got ahead after this play, JD Gaming remained as the gold leader in the early stage, though LvMao had some questioning Alistar plays, which helped EDG. Team fights were pretty close but in the late game, Scout’s Viktor snowballed like a solid avalanche. EDG’s draft was better in late game and the team demolished the enemy Nexus in minutes. Yagao didn’t have his best day, and failed to carry his team in both matches.

EDward Gaming remains undefeated, as does Team WE. With the addition of Viper, EDG looks like a contender this split. We may see them competing in international tournaments this year.

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