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Edward Gaming Builds a $1.5 Billion Esports Facility in China

China is a prominent country in esports not only in the competitive scene, but also on the business side. The people, the government and the companies of the country give so much attention to the sector and work hard to improve the quality of esports. China already has several esports centers and it looks like the country will soon have one more, and this one will be huge. Edward Gaming and its parent company SuperGen are set to build an esports center which will be called “Shanghai International Culture and Creative Esports Center” for $1.5 billion.

Edward Gaming
Photo courtesy of SuperGen

The construction will feature many other activities and places alongside esports-relevant parts. Being over 500,000 sqm, the center will have an office space for EDG, a breakdancing facility, a 40.4m deep diving range, a 5-star esports-themed hotel, a shopping center, and an indoor skydiving studio. (What?) 

The project is one of the most expensive investments in esports and will be built with the aim of eventually becoming the capital of esports. Having enough space for a 6,000 person on-site audience, it’s expected that the center will be the host of more than 300 international esports events in a year.

Esports center
Photo courtesy of SuperGen

This kind of a huge place requires so much work. Besides being a giant center, Shanghai International Culture and Creative Esports Center will create work opportunities for the community. After the facility opens, there will be 2,000 open positions in order to actualize the objectives.

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