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EDward Gaming Beats FPX, Remains Undefeated

After winning the World Championship trophy, FunPlus Phoenix had pretty sad performances throughout the last two years. This also applies to EDward Gaming but over a longer period of time. After the arrival of Viper and all new other players, EDG looks better on the Rift. The team topped OMG in the first match of its LPL season and now managed to beat FunPlus Phoenix with a score of 2-1.

EDward Gaming 1
Photo courtesy of EDward Gaming

Game 1

Jiejie made an early visit to the top lane and secured the first blood for his team. The game continued unlike a classic LPL game and we saw less team fighting than usual. EDward Gaming got ahead and tried its best to protect the lead. Jiejie had a major role on this lead with his control over objectives, especially drakes. EDG managed to win the team fights one by one and end the game in 34 minutes.

Game 2

The second game was a bloodbath, just like a game that we are used to in LPL, as teams shared 10 kills in 14 minutes. Scout’s Zoe played a huge role for EDG. On the other hand, FunPlus Phoenix got what it wanted in team fights and slowed the game to prevent its opponent from reaching a snowball effect. FPX’s patience was the key point in the middle phase of the game. As the minutes passed, FPX got the Baron buff and turned the game into a one-sided matchup. By increasing the gold gap, FunPlus Phoenix managed to win the game in 36 minutes and extended the series to Game 3. 

Game 3

Both teams were pretty leery in the early stages of the last game. The win means a lot on the way to the championship so both teams played secure and afraid. Tian made his first visit to the bot lane and gave the first blood to Doinb. FPX had a massive early game and got ahead pretty early. On the other hand, EDward Gaming came back from this deficit by playing its composition perfectly and caught FPX players red-handed. Lwx could’t use his lead to carry FPX on his back and after securing the Baron buff, EDward Gaming had no difficulty closing out the game. 

This was EDward Gaming’s second win in the 2021 season. The team may return to its older times, when it was the true champion of the region. EDG’s next matchup is against LGD Gaming.

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