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EDG Overcomes LNG To Secure Playoff Spot

EDward Gaming started the 2021 season with dominance and finished the first half by winning all the games. The team was unbeatable until RNG decided to end its streak. Royal Never Give Up was the first team to secure a spot in playoffs and FPX followed with the second spot. Today, EDG joined these two by literally demolishing LNG Esports in two easy matches.

EDG over LNG 1
Courtesy of LPL

Game 1 

Both junglers farmed their way up in the early phase, but Jiejie broke his silence with a lane-gank to the top side. EDG secured the first blood, but Tarzan was at the right place at the right time and got the trade kill. However, LNG got one kill and EDG got two including the first blood. EDG shoved all its early-game attention to the bot lane and got Viper ahead of Light. Viper and Scout got stronger and stronger as the minutes passed, and LNG didn’t have any answers for these two. EDward Gaming increased its lead slowly but surely and closed the game in 32 minutes. 

Game 2

This time Tarzan pulled the trigger early by securing a first blood in the bottom lane. LNG couldn’t pursue its early lead and literally gave the game away on a golden tray. Viper’s monstrous Xayah was the main point in EDG’s lead, and the gold gap was 3k in 12 minutes. EDward Gaming secured all the drakes to invest in the later stages of the game, which actually helped them a lot. All the objectives were free for EDG, and Jiejie controlled the map without putting too much effort. LNG’s only comeback potential was M1kuya’s Gnar ults, but Flandre and his friends timed his Mega Gnar perfectly so that he couldn’t find any engagement opportunities. EDward Gaming closed out the game in 30 minutes.

After EDG’s first-game dominance, it was pretty clear the second match wasn’t going to be different. Scout and his teammates locked in a spot for the playoffs, and they are arguably the second strongest team after RNG. We shouldn’t forget that FPX is also a big problem if it can set the chemistry up with Beichuan. LPL’s regular season will be over in two weeks. Until then, let’s see what happens in the playoff bracket race.

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