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E.S.G Art Series: Shorty, Self-Taught Graphic Designer

Art- the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

The world of gaming and esports is undoubtedly one of the most influential cultural phenomena in the world today. Its reach spans to every corner of the globe and has inspired millions in the form of every medium of content and pop culture, including art. E.S.G. honors this creative expression as we feature a community of talented artists, illustrators, designers, and creatives who have used their vast imaginations to create stunning esports and gaming related art.

E.S.G Art Series Shorty, Self-Taught Graphic Designer
E.S.G Art Series: Shorty, Self-Taught Graphic Designer 10

In this edition, we look at the work of 19-year-old Australian graphic designer Shorty Visuals.

E.S.G Art Series: Shorty, Self-Taught Graphic Designer 11
E.S.G Art Series: Shorty, Self-Taught Graphic Designer 12

When it comes to advertisements, this would be one of my favourites. The concept is something I haven’t really seen done many times and I feel I pushed my creative limits at the time of creating this. By grabbing assets from the internet from even my own pictures being used to bring it to life – Shorty

Gazing over the horizon at a tropical Bahama Mama G FUEL haven would certainly be a refreshing visual. The flavor is influenced by YouTube personality Roman Atwood, but the design is courtesy of the exceptional standard of quality Shorty has become known for.

E.S.G Art Series: Shorty, Self-Taught Graphic Designer 13

Still to this day one of my favourite social media banners I’ve ever created. The theme and concept on this header is something I had been thinking about for a while at the time and am super proud of how well it turned out. – Shorty

This is a super clean banner courtesy of Obey Alliance’s & Obey Studios’ ace designer. Branding in esports is big business, so designers like Shorty are invaluable assets to the industry. As of less than a month ago, the Aussie designer was welcomed to one of the world’s biggest gaming organizations.

A wise investment.

E.S.G Art Series: Shorty, Self-Taught Graphic Designer 14

This is one of my older designs but I still love the whole atmosphere of the design. With the cool colors of the night sky and misty cold ground, to then a warm vibrant cabin with smoke billowing out the chimney. The piece showcases my manipulation style skills better than almost all my designs. – Shorty

I’m no artist, but it’s safe to say that art requires extreme precision, creativity, and even ingenuity. This design is a wonderful mix of all the above. One of the true marks of an exceptional designer/artist is the ability to manipulate a bevy of techniques, colors, and concepts to your will to bring an environment to life—this graphic accomplishes just that.

The reason I’m so passionate about art is that it allows me to have unlimited creative freedom and explore all sorts of styles. There are so many ways that art can be formed and created and I love that idea. Throughout my time on social media that I’ve been creating designs, I’ve made many friends and developed my craft and received much praise for it as well. Receiving all that support drives me to be better and work harder to create more high quality work and maybe one day turn this thing into a livable career doing what I love. – Shorty

E.S.G Art Series: Shorty, Self-Taught Graphic Designer 15

The reason I picked this design is not so much for the skills involved in making it but more because of what this design did for my design career. It was my first design to do really well on social media and to be recognized by a huge content creator (FaZe Adapt.) This design put me on the radar and also boosted my self confidence in my own abilities. – Shorty

Alex or FaZe Adapt is one of the most known members of FaZe and one of the many reasons why the organization is rolling in green today. This design holds special sentimental value for Shorty as his first design to blow up, therefore putting him on the map as a respected designer. 

You can currently find this design on Adapt’s YouTube channel as his header, which is one of the biggest channels in all of esports and gaming. W. 💲 💲

E.S.G Art Series: Shorty, Self-Taught Graphic Designer 16

This is probably one of my most loved designs by most of my followers throughout my socials. This was a header I procrastinated over for around 3 weeks on the smallest things from a few wires to how many moons I should have in the sky. But because of the determination I used to make this, it’s one of my favorites. – Shorty

Speaking of Adapt, this design is a great showcase of Shorty’s ability to adapt to different styles. This one’s style of choice is cyberpunk, and he nails the concept with its high-tech futuristic aesthetic. It’s also ripe with richly colored neon cityscapes and a dope high-tech FaZe logo hovering in the sky for the cherry on top.

E.S.G Art Series: Shorty, Self-Taught Graphic Designer 17

This design exploded on Twitter landing me over 3.3k likes and over 2.2 million impressions. This design gave me so much exposure and opened up so many opportunities for me. It’s crazy to me still right now. The small details in the background to even the foreground are what really make this design amazing. – Shorty

There’s an old expression that states, “the devil is in the details,” and what we have here are hella details. It’s a graphic for Nadeshot, founder and CEO of premier esports org 100 Thieves, and it illustrates him in familiar territory as a former pro Call of Duty player. The 100T branding is scattered throughout the design, from his rifle all the way to the 100T flag still standing in triumph amidst the chaos. And those are just a few of the super clean details.

This stellar work even earned Shorty a follow from the man himself for his efforts!

About the Artist

E.S.G Art Series: Shorty, Self-Taught Graphic Designer 18

Jordan a.k.a. Shorty is a 19-year-old self-taught designer from Australia. He has been creating social media designs for around three years, specializing in twitter headers, banners, advertisements, and stream designs. The young Aussie’s clean and crisp style has resonated well within the gaming community, so much so that he’s currently a designer for one of the world’s largest gaming organizations, Obey Alliance, and their in-house creative affiliate Obey Studios.

You can check out more of Shorty’s work here.

Twitter: @ShortyVisuals

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