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E.S.G. Art Series: Tapje, Fortnite 3D Designer

Art- the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

The world of gaming and esports is undoubtedly one of the most influential cultural phenomena in the world today. Its reach spans to every corner of the globe and has inspired millions in the form of every medium of content and pop culture, including art. E.S.G. honors this creative expression as we feature a community of talented artists, illustrators, and creatives who have used their vast imaginations to create stunning esports and gaming related art.

E.S.G. Art Series: Tapje, Fortnite 3D Designer 12

In this edition, we look at the work of 18-year-old Fortnite 3D designer from The Netherlands, Tapje.

E.S.G. Art Series: Tapje, Fortnite 3D Designer 13
E.S.G. Art Series: Tapje, Fortnite 3D Designer 14

For this piece, I was inspired by Call Of Duty, the loading screen of Black Ops 1, and giving it this ‘Horror’ feel too. This was also my first time experimenting with textures in photoshop. I at first tried to have the yellow hazmat suit person be possessed but in the end added cables and made it look sci-fi. – Tapje

The legendary Call of Duty: Black Ops loading screen gave the game a unique look.. Sprinkle in a little Fortnite here and a lot of Tapje genius there and you have yourself a dope 3D render. #DownHorrendous

E.S.G. Art Series: Tapje, Fortnite 3D Designer 15

This piece was super fun to make, I went all in for details, having for example water textures on the plants, adding dirt specs, and even ripples in the mud/water. Funny thing is, I had her lying down, and the ground was supposed to be dirt/mud, but instead it looks like she is walking through. This was one of the two series. – Tapje

Tapje’s signature realistic art style is on full display in this fascinating showcase of textures and detail.

E.S.G. Art Series: Tapje, Fortnite 3D Designer 16

This was made for a client, he really liked the first jungle scene I made. I tried imagining how the Vietnam War would be, as a stranded soldier in the middle of the jungle resting. The client wanted me to incorporate a tiger as it represents his brand. So I added a tiger in the background as if it is stalking its prey. – Tapje

Welcome to the jungle (again), where the young 3D artist further displays his seamless knack for bringing life to environments.

E.S.G. Art Series: Tapje, Fortnite 3D Designer 17

This piece was heavily inspired by Doctor Strange. I really enjoyed the movie and wanted to create a scene with the idea of the portals and his kind of weapon shield. In the portals I put different environments such as space, a forest, the ocean and the Fortnite realm. – Tapje

Doctor Strange is a polarizing hero in Marvel lore. This is a vigorously detailed piece inspired by the character, and one that does the Master of the Mystic Arts justice.

I feel that I have the ability to create something unique and never seen before, which is amazing. I have developed my own style for which people can recognize me. I also really enjoy thinking out of the box and always improving my work and seeing for myself how much I improve each time. Overall it’s something I really enjoy and can spend hours upon hours each day doing. – Tapje

E.S.G. Art Series: Tapje, Fortnite 3D Designer 18

This was first made as an experiment and turned out to be unique and something I have never made before and seen. I honestly had no inspiration and just wanted to try to make something different and unique. I really like the piece as you can’t really tell it’s from Fortnite, and that there’s these sort of ripples behind and infront of the skin. I experimented with stock images and displacement maps to make it distorted. – Tapje

Distortion never looked so… inventive.

E.S.G. Art Series: Tapje, Fortnite 3D Designer 19

This piece was inspired by the Deadpool 2 poster. It was commissioned work for MrSavage. I love the lighting on this as well as the depth of field with the bullets in front being blurred. – Tapje

Here we have another Marvel-inspired piece, but this one inspired by the Regenerating Degenerate himself, Deadpool. This is a masterclass display of depth and texture and a dynamic concept commissioned by pro Fortnite player and content creator MrSavage.

E.S.G. Art Series: Tapje, Fortnite 3D Designer 20

This was commissioned for Fnatic’s main Instagram. This was inspired by a 2D drawing of Viper, as I don’t really play Valorant so I was unaware what her ability is. The smoke has a toxic starting green, to give it a toxic feeling – that it doesn’t look natural. – Tapje

Toxicity never looked so… intriguing.

E.S.G. Art Series: Tapje, Fortnite 3D Designer 21

Lastly, this piece wasn’t inspired by anything. I wanted to give the profile picture this confidence feeling, as if he’s looking out for his journey and is prepared for whatever is to come. It is right next to a temple and is in the jungle, however it is snowing, which gives it this fantasy feeling as well as the bird in the background. – Tapje

With albums including “Astroworld” and “Utopia,” rap superstar Travis Scott has a whole playlist of ambient vibes to his name. This piece depicts Scott in a whole new fantasy via a snowy atmosphere and an overall dope graphic. #3DGameonSickoMode

E.S.G. Art Series: Tapje, Fortnite 3D Designer 22

18-year-old Marius Moolenburgh, a.k.a Tapje, is a Fortnite 3D designer from The Netherlands. His natural artistic talent and accelerated progression started with software like Photoshop and Blender less than a year ago. In a fairly short amount of time, Tapje has created work for some of the biggest names in Fortnite including FaZe Sway, FaZe Megga, MrSavage, FaZe Dubs, TSM Ops, and many more. He’s also worked with esports organizations FNATIC, Optimal Ambition, and TT9 Esports and is currently a Fortnite designer for Enterprise Gaming.

You can check out more of Tapje’s work here.

Twitter: @tapje_

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